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  1. Don't want to detract from a half serious thread; but you wouldn't have a hope in hell anywhere in the world. Bermuda will suit me ..... but you have to do your own set-ups and hook your own fish. Sometimes, I think these rather useless conversations would be better settled on the water. Unfortunately some of you talk more than you fish.
  2. So let's examine your salvation package, OK? Listening/watching? - Wurz So what you going to do? If we live within the democratic process, you do get what you deserve. There are no prima donnas (female operatic singers?) .... you work with what you have got, unless your surname is Trotsky or Guevara ..... and some of you are too spineless to get involved.
  3. I read what you write, Stevie. And to be honest (and I have been), I'm sick of it. If you really believe the krap you write, you'd stop writing it (relevant information?????). Surely anglers ('proper' or not), are quite capable of making up their minds about whether they wish to support or criticise that which which Brussels and Defra put out. Not forgetting, of course, that most 'want to be left alone'. But that's what the civil servants do. So, let them be and take what they give you? I didn't want the poll tax, nor the VAT thing; and I let my MP know that .....
  4. Argue amongst yourselves . It makes no odds. There are a dozen or so folks concerned enough here to insult each other; so that's a step on apathy, at least. The 'ostrich thing' sums most anglers nicely. You won't actually get involved in the real politics (and who can blame Mr Average Angler for that?). So, I'm afraid whatever Steve or Bob want, matters for nothing. You will get more regulations (and licensing) and you'll still be flapping in the wind; bickering and completely ineffective. It'll be alright on the night though, eh?
  5. Yer havin' a larf, Wurz. Stick to yer bloody gill nets and trammels. Is Jaffa a 'commercial' too .... or just spouts off? The couple of you + Coppalot are not at all representative (and it's funny that the 'r' word is the one which Stevie wants to condemn); it's actually he who writes 'pseudo-political' stuff for us (boat anglers?) to inwardly digest Well mateys, prepare to meet your makers; Defra will do what Defra and Brussels do and you couple of lads will count for nowt! After all, they have a mission statement till 2020! I've never met such a bunch of losers as the '
  6. Ahhh ... you see, there are no famous five (your imagination or just Wilson and Arthur.co.uk?). The guys and girls who want angling to continue and fish extraction to cease are the blokes (and goyles) who partake every weekend; keep the odd fish and enjoy seeing their kids use a crab-line off the local pier. There are hundreds of thousands of them (yes, I mean that; and in the UK). Now, I'm sorry, but the 'Gov' is not going to put paid to this, because they can't. Kids will fish with bacon rind and bent pins .... it's a cultural thingy which began some while ago. You can't s
  7. Come on you 'commercials' .... is that the best you can muster with Coppalot onside? RSAs, for want of a better descriptor, have nothing in common with them. Argue your points of view, even if that means (as it does) to get in bed with the civil servants, and get rid of obscene methods of fish-extraction. I'm glad that some forms of commercial workings will be rid of in 5, 10, 20 years time; while fishermen (subsistence and hobbyists) will be able to go about their 'business'. I'm afraid Coppalot and my viewpoints are miles apart. Use whatever means (even to talk to the
  8. don't know; don't really care .... too many back-passages involved at all levels.
  9. Quite right Barry. The problem is well known to the SFC and the EA. Mullet and Sea Trout are regularly targetted by rod and line 'anglers' armed with sets of trebles. If an Environment Officer was called, they got off with a warning. Two years ago, when I was a committee member on SSFDC, it was getting very close to a prosecution with certain regulars. I don't know if they proceeded with a test case.
  10. That's quite correct. The Lower Avon and Stour have always been protected and 'policed' by local (mainly freshwater) angling clubs and the regulations are set up by their committees. There was an uncomfortable few years when nobody knew (inc SFC) whether or not the harbour required a Freshwater licence since bream and roach had been caught by 'mulleteers' as far down as Stanpit Marches, almost to Mudeford Harbour. I quote from an article I wrote a while back -
  11. Aahhhh ... like Barry, I must find out where this place is. You see, fishing off the SW and Central Solent (beaches don't get a mention any more), has deteriorated drastically over the past 20 years. Turbot, plaice, spurdog and bass over 5 lbs and (consistent) cod have either taken a vacation (commercials, scurrying for cover call it 'climate change'), or they've run out of sandeels (puffins too?)/mackerel or ....... the breeding stocks have been hammered by someone, somewhere. And it ain't me! Every day there are the same big boats from Cornwall/C.I. to Dover; U-10s all al
  12. Bit like your negative commentaries .... I'd join AT rather than Scops.com Some people are hopeless and have no idea.
  13. Why????? For God's sake why don't folks who spend money and time to fish, bother to get good fresh bait. I do confess that when I lived in the heartland of Essex, I thought nothing of heading (off course) to West Mersea to dig lug for 2hrs. Then, travel to Walton on Naze (or Dover on the neaps) and fish from Friday night till Sunday morn. Loadsa effort; loadsa fish. Dehydrated dried what??????? Blah! Quadruple your catches by making the effort! It's all about bait and timing. By the way, December is one of the best months on the S Coast, Sam.
  14. H.A.


    Accurately measure the OD of the tip and try a zzippy/cono etc butt from your local shop and which also has a parallel butt. If you find one that fits contact those companies direct and they'll supply a butt to fit (even if you have to finely rub it down a bit). Usually they will be 25mm/23mm/21mm etc.
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