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  1. Dave.......you never told me you were writing a book. Ordered mine and can't wait to start reading it
  2. I bought some weights from Old Mouldy a couple of years back and now need to stock up again. Is he still around and does anyone have his email address/phone no?
  3. jabee

    Ugly Boat Reel

    Elton If you really get stuck PM for an address and I'll strip, clean, reassemble and send it back to you.
  4. Or tell them they can be British, get them down, slap on the handcuffs etc give them a kicking so they realise we're not such a soft touch and our streets are not paved with gold and send them back home to tell their mates they'll get the same treatment when they pitch up on our doorstep.........oh the elegant simplicity of it all!
  5. Nah......keep em up there for target practice. That'll take their minds off things. Or......tell them that the last one left on the roof, after throwing the others off will be 'considered' for a passport.....would make great telly......then shoot him!
  6. Ken Get in touch with Stan Massey at Alba Rods and get him to quote for a custom build. He builds quite a few Conoflex rods. You get to choose your own colours etc and you may get a decent price as well. http://www.alba-rods.co.uk/rod_subs/beach_surf.htm Cheers John
  7. Hey Ken I built a Conoflex Nemesis SLR for my uncle a few months ago. Having concentrated solely on boat fishing for a good five years now, I was amazed at how light and slim the rod was, even when finished with guides, high build, shrink tube etc, when compared to the pairs of Greys Apollo Mk1s and Conoflex Ballistics I used to use regularly and still have. Might be worth looking at something like a Conoflex Foo Fighter FF1 - it's 15ft long and a factory built one weighs less than 500g. Not cheap though at about £250 a go but I've never regretted spending money on decent rods. P
  8. jabee


    Not a sign of the stuff in Manchester!
  9. I was given a solid carbon 6ft 20-50 a while back and hated it. Main problem was it was not long enough! Build quality is also not up to scratch....rings appear to be corroding at the foot which is a sure sign of too much hardener in the high build....which means the coatings are brittle and prone to cracking. There is actually no 'new' technology in the solid carbon rods; I had been told by someone in the know that the blanks started life as heavy duty freshwater baitcasting blanks aimed at the Scandinavian market. Being a nosey so and so, I chopped the grips off mine to find that the
  10. Davy Any chance of doing me a copy - I don't have SKY either right now!!!!
  11. Weekend Milk Round (paid better than paper rounds) Warehouse worker (one summer before college) Barman (part time while at college) Trained as an accountant, held various senior finance roles in a number of industries including FMCG, Service, Construction Spent a year consulting (on accounting systems) for an IT company. Then back to bean-counting, FC of a Media company based in Manchester and London
  12. Ken....hope your well after the op........did my father the world of good. He actually looked better the evening after his op while still in the ICU. BAck on subject, if they were off our coast, then I would expect one or more to have been landed by the commercials. As none have yet been reported, then I'm quite happy to assume there are none!
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