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  1. http://www.angling-news.co.uk/angling-news/wagstraight.html
  2. kendo


    yes but he hasn't used them yet
  3. kendo


    i have heard that stormcaps which fix to your brolly somehow and then to a bankstick stablises the brolly in the wind has anybody used these? and just how long does the banksticks have to be? cheers
  4. from a beatles song,and curse sir walter raligeh he was such a stupid git, yep it was him who brought the baccy back.
  5. kendo

    Celeb BB

    ban big brother the end.
  6. mine was a whistle from the mother in law a few years back,never did get an explanation.
  7. we had a slight dusting in chester last night before it turned to rain just dark and damp now yukky
  8. hate the snow my willy gets cold none here yet in the capital(chester)and i hope it stays that way.
  9. A very happy christmas to all especially babies
  10. and a happy christmas to you chesters.lol
  11. thanks newt that was fantastic cheers
  12. thats just so damn crazy,would they charge a 5 year old playing a recorder in his/her garden?
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