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  1. Hi, havent posted for a time on this forum. I was encouraged to see good sized fish being taken on the East Coast of America, I was under the impression that the area was dead, having been fished out. Is there any evidence of recovery in the Grand Banks area? The fact that the authorities have designated protected areas is encouraging - this is several steps beyond the coincidental protection that an oil rig site affords, not to mention any attendant pollution. Preserving what we have in the sea is a big thing that must factor in protection of the very big, the whales and the very small, the z
  2. Chesters is right, liberty has just left the UK, she exited, stage left, muttering something about a war. Blair has got you all where he wants you, no Habeas Corpus, no Magna Carta, no rights to redress the knock on the door in the night, and your subsequent disappearance. Who was that Roman that started all this s**t in a civilised setting - remember Sulla and proscription. Sulla Blair, the name suits him.
  3. It has been known for centuries that you can smell the herring topside as they passed underneath the boat, further there was a slick of fishy oil produced on the surface as the shoal passed underneath. This would seem to correlate with the scientific findings quoted. I have caught herring on mackeral flies (many years ago in the 'good old days' in the Clyde but have never witnessed the smell or the slick; I suspect it was a mass effect of an enormous shoal which just will not happen in these days of overfished, empty, dying seas. If the trawling and long lining, and other commercial wasting a
  4. Bait is bait is bait! If it works then anglers will use it. I do not think you can differentiate between bass and other fish species as being suitable or unsuitable, allowable or unallowable, desirable or undesirable for bait. I would use a conger to get a shark! I have used spurdog and LSD's as bait for skate. I do think that if an angler gets scruples about killing fish or using a fish as dead or live bait then it is time for him to take up golf (fairly non-lethal except to other golfers!). Every one has their own particular set of ethics regarding angling, I rarely use live fish bait but w
  5. If the timing belt went, with the engine going, then the engine will need rebuilt. I asked a couple of knowlegeable fitters tonight. I don't think there is any other solution to this problem, other than a new engine. It shows the importance of timing engine hours, I think it works out 10 minutes idling equals one mile travelled, thus 48,000 miles (normal time belt change interval) equals 800 hours, if my arithmetic is right, that would equate roughly to 80 trips (bearing in mind that working the boat is not idling and adds extra wear on the engine); that probably means a timing belt change eve
  6. Report him, he's not supplying what your father is on .... what is he on? Scary stuff with terrible potential!
  7. Got it right away. Must mean I am really thick.
  8. If you snell the hook, that is tie the snood direct to the hook shank rather than the eye, the chances of hooking the fish are thought to be increased. If you think about it the hook is rigidly attached to the snood, becoming a direct extension of the snood and cannot swing about or move - this is possible if the knot is attached through the eye. I tie my own rigs so I know the knot is good. I write this from the perspective of sea fishing The fish I tend to catch are so small that a break off is unlikely
  9. Dump BT, they disconnect you if 1. no activity for 2 hours, 2. 2 hours have passed. Total junk service. I moved to Telewest Broadband, no complaints (odd service interruption if someone digs up the road somewhere, usually sorted quickly): PC is on 20/24 with multiple users (the brood), no problems. Stuff BT.
  10. Forbidden Planet (based on the Tempest) is a classic, it introduced Robbie the Robot (later in Lost in Space)if I remember rightly. Arnie's SF films have also been remarkable, the various Terminators, Total Recall and The Running Man. I would urge all Americans to vote for the man if he becomes eligible to run for President!
  11. Talk, Ferret, talk, talk, talk....waiting on the arrival of some poor man! Practice makes perfect and I will become perfect by practising with you! Margaret T on how to skin a hamster and the empathy required. (I reviewed my posts tonight and thought I lacked something surreal)
  12. Your uncle would be recalling the tragic loss of the crew of the Longhope lifeboat from Orkney. The boat was later recovered and put into service again, despite local protest. Go to http://www.longhopelifeboat.org.uk/museum/ "1969 On 17 March the lifeboat 'T.G.B.' ON 962, capsized while on service to the Liberian vessel 'Irene' and her entire crew of eight lost their lives. Coxswain Daniel Kirkpatrick Second Coxswain James Johnston (son of Mechanic) Bowman Daniel R Kirkpatrick (son of Coxswain) Mechanic Robert R. Johnston Assistant Mechanic James Swanson
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