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  1. Throwing milk at people is potentially life threatening for those with serious milk allergies. It should be classed as reckless endangerment to life, imo.
  2. Hi all. I am looking for south coast boat trip recommendations please. Preferably within a couple of hours of Guildford, so ideally Southampton, Portsmouth or Brighton areas, although we will consider further afield for someone good. We don't have much tackle, so we need a boat who can provide this. We are not picky on species, and so would consider off shore wrecks, inshore bass, or anything else suggested. Many thanks.
  3. I'm back too. . My last post was 22 July 2014. Hello all.
  4. I just got back from two weeks there, We didn't fish but we rented a private boat twice for a day from Keri harbour from Big Blue Motor Boat rentals (ask for George). I highly recommend doing this although it can get a bit busy as he alone rents out 20 boats and there are many other firms doing the same. We saw 7 turtles on our second trip and here's plenty of opportunity to fish. I will post some photos later.
  5. Although abstainers may play a small part, the key reason is our electoral system. In 1983 for example 30,661,309 votes were cast, but only 13,012,316 actually voted conservative. So this so called majority government were elected by 42.4% of those that voted. It is often worse, but how can our system ever represent the people's wishes?
  6. but she was never voted in by anything like the majority of the electorate!.See here. The same goes for any government election in the UK.The party that 'wins' only has a mandate to govern from a minority of voters.
  7. I have, plus a friend of mine lost 10 lambs to foxes over 8 days at the beginning of lambing one year.
  8. I was not aware that fox snares are illegal now. When did that happen? In fact a quick google reveals that snaring is still legal. I am not suggesting it is humane though.
  9. But the percentage of income fuel represents in India will be no less than here, in fact I am sure it is more. Until incomes and buying power are similar across the globe, we will continue to have the ridiculous situation where it is massively cheaper to use a workforce nowhere near where it is actually needed. Back to fuel costs, one of thing that never ceases to amaze me is how huge numbers of drivers make no attempt to drive in a fuel efficient manner.
  10. Quote: "The child was left seriously injured after the animal crept into his bedroom in Bromley, southeast London". See here. A couple of interesting articles, although one is a few years old : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/7821950/Outfoxed-Urban-foxes-have-become-bolder-than-ever-and-we-are-powerless-to-stop-them.html http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2006/jan/30/topstories3.animalwelfare
  11. The hunt never controlled foxes. It is not in their interest to do so and they dislike anyone who effectively exterminates foxes in an area. There is no evidence to suggest that the change to the hunting with dogs laws caused an increase in urban foxes. However I believe it is fair to say there has been an increase in the population of urban foxes over the last 30 years and their boldness.
  12. I do not believe anyone has actually said anything about the source, cut and quality of the hosremeat used in the contaminated burgers. Until some-one does, how can we have any confidence whatsoever that it was actually fit for animal consumption, let alone human consumption?
  13. I am confused. What prevents you from leaving negative or neutral feedback then?
  14. Many years ago I was at an social event with a hypnotist. A friend's girlfriend was susceptible and they carried on with the hypnotist after the public session ended. She recounted a number of past lives giving her names, dates and some events. My friend made notes, but I never found out if they researched the output any further. I have been to a psychic event where a presenter has appeared to pick up on specific things relating to some-one in my group without any apparent contact or prior knowledge. I am convinced I have seen ghost twice in 1980, but nothing before, nor since. As far as I am
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