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  1. they do look similar http://www.lureapike.co.uk/epages/es141421...roducts/50-0003
  2. found these on ebay anybody know what make they are and were you can get them from http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/?_nkw=%27Alive%2...&mfe=search
  3. Carp, Bream Rudd, Roach, Tench, Perch, Crucian Carp, Eels http://www.swlakestrust.org.uk/index.php?id=483 I want to target the roach & rudd
  4. Do Shakespeare do a 2009 printed catalogue? also is anybody else having problems contacting the company via there website?
  5. I think i have found it but its called a Shakespeare Mentor Multi Feeder is this the rod?
  6. only one problem andy Shakespeare no longer make them as i cannot find the on the Shakespeare website http://www.shakespeare-fishing.co.uk/
  7. Were is the best place to buy a 10ft omni x match rod and reel?
  8. This fishery is near to were i am stopping in july having looked online i found this info has anybody on here fished it and can give me some advice on the best baits to use
  9. cheers i will pop down to my local tackle shop for 1
  10. I am after a new reel for float fishing to use with my Shakespeare 12ft pro-touch telescopic rod i would prefer to have a Shakespeare reel and not spend more than £20 as i only go fishing about once a month so do want to spend a lot of money on it any suggestions?
  11. Are there any good coarse fishing venues in the st ives area ?
  12. if you want native fish then i can recommend these places http://www.coarsefish.org/FishPrices.htm http://www.cobhousefisheries.co.uk/
  13. I don't know if many of you are aware of this but the wild trout trust is running a project called "trout in the town" Trout in the Town is a new WTT initiative funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. Its objectives are to improve the quality of river habitat in urban areas for the benefit of trout and wider biodiversity, and to raise awareness of wild trout as a totem species for clean water and living rivers. This will be achieved through the formation of local community groups who will adopt their local urban stream. As a result, conservation action groups, angling clubs, schools and a
  14. I want a cheap pole for a weeks fishing and have seen these online are they any good? In2 pole they are around £18.50
  15. Anybody know when the new website will be available to view all it says currently is it was supposed to be up and running in january it now nearly the end of april and no sign of it new shakespeare website ???
  16. do's anybody keep british native fish in there pond in my pond i have silver bream roach rudd chub & tench. below is a picture of my chub
  17. Do any of you use an IN2 put in pole as i am thinking of buying on to take on my holidays In2 put in poles
  18. Has anybody been to primrose valley in filey what's the best baits to use on this venue i will be going in may and also i am after a put in pole and have found a Shakespeare one on the mullarkeys website In2 put in pole has anybody used one of these?
  19. What's the best lake on this complex Island Lake Specimen Lake Roadside Lake Woodland Lake and what are the best baits ? I will be fishing using my 3 metre whip.
  20. A new programme about fishing is nice but what us anglers want is a series like go fishing hosted by John Wilson or total fishing with matt hayes and mick brown on terrestrial tv or one of the freeview channels .
  21. Extreme Fishing with Robson Green Monday 01 September 9:00pm - 10:00pm Five Documentary profiling the hottest fishing destinations around the globe. Robson Green embarks on a trip of colossal proportions that sees him attempting to land some of the wildest and most elusive sea creatures in the world. His first port of call is Costa Rica, where he will try to realise a lifelong dream of catching the fastest fish in the water.
  22. Has anybody got one of these poles would you recommend them to sombody starting out in pole fishing?
  23. I am thinking of using some cooked prawn (peeled) as bait from the local fishmongers how do you put these on the hook
  24. I will use a proper pole canal rig instead
  25. I have just made up a bubble float rig for my pole using a small clear bubble float size 14 barbless hook and 4lb line
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