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  1. In my experience, the astras do tend to run on the hot side. As long as the electric fan comes on, and drops the temp down OK, i wouldnt worry too much. Thats only my opinion, though!
  2. Thanks, Jeff. having a look now. I appreciate your input, though having looked around my area, i am fairly happy with the deal.
  3. P.S. im getting the finance myself. cos his finance is too expensive!!!
  4. Jeff, i trust this dealer as much as i dare! Ive had 3 previous motors from him, and hes always played fair with me. I like the 14 day return if theres a problem, that he gives me. If i buy privately, i may save a bit of cash, but with this age of car, im buying someone elses problems! lol.
  5. OOps, spaces in the file name...............
  6. JEEP Cherokee 4.0 Limited , 5 Doors, Automatic, Estate, 1997 P Reg , Blue Metallic . Air Bag, Air-Conditioning, bumpers in color, Excellent Condition, Power Steering, Service History, Alloy wheels, Central locking, Electric windows. £3,999 Thats what ive settled on! Its having a thorough check, service, MOT, 6 months road tax and im having the air-con regassed all in the price. I picked this one, because it was the tidiest example i looked at, and it has a good set of tyres all round! I didnt want to splash out too much cash too soon after i bought it! So, did i do allright? or am i being ripped off? Opinions are taken at face value, and very much appreciated! edit note: added a corrected link to the picture so it would display. Newt [ 05. July 2005, 07:25 PM: Message edited by: Newt ]
  7. Cheers fellas. Ive checked out a few, and picked one i like. Just waiting for the finance to come through! Sooo, Got any good links to good helpful Jeep websites, forums, accesory sellers, etc? I have a guy at work with a LPG converted Range Rover, So im aware of the possibilities, there! Thanks again, your input is very appreciated! Johnny Boy
  8. Looking into buying one of these on a 97/98 plate. Anybody here have or had one, and can tell me what i should look out for, if anything? Dealer prices seem to be around £3200 to £4000, depending on equipment level. Sound about right? Im not expecting it to be economical, or cheap to service etc. But i WANT one!!! Any replies mucho appreciated. Thanks all. Johnny Boy.
  9. Got the Program O.K. Thanks. Booted the machine with the floppy, and it picked up the Hard drive O.K. says its a 20.48 GB. Then it gives me options to partition it, and format it, but only to a total of 8.74 GB. Doh! Good try, and thanks for the help, chesters. Ive stripped the board out, and cannot find any identifying markings. As The old Hard drive is corrupt, and wont let me re-install windows, I cannot run a diagnostic program to ascertain whose website to go to for a BIOS update. I give up. As the machine is only worth about £50 in total, I will not waste any more time on it! Thanks to all for the replies, Johnny Boy signing out!
  10. Thanks again, People. @Chesters1 I have searched, and everything seems to point to having to pay for Disk Manager. If it was a new HDD, it might have had it, but I am doing a salvage job for someone who (for whatever reason) does not want to pay! If you could have a look for a Fujitsu version, and send it to me, I would be greatly in your debt, Sir! If you do find one, PM me, and Ill send you my E-mail address. Thanks a lot.
  11. Cheers Guys, but, short of stripping the MB out of the box, and finding an FCC number, its unmarked. Ive checked Fujitsu's Website, and they will sell me OnTrack Disk Manager for $25. I am trying to avoid this ! I have also tried the Cylinders, Heads, Sectors, in the Bios, and it gives me 8.4 GB instead of 20.49 GB.
  12. I suspect I am aiming this one in Newts direction, but here goes to allcomers............. I have an old machine in for repair, and the owner wants me to fit a 20 GB HDD. The motherboard is an unknown, and its BIOS doesnt recognise the disk properly. I need something like On Track Disk Manager, but I cannot find a free download for it. Does anybody know of a suitable alternative, preferably free, that will allow me to fit the large drive, and use its full capacity? Thanks to all in advance of any replies.
  13. Having spent some time in Thailand over the last 2 years, I share your concerns and sympathies. My thoughts go out to the friends I made out there and all those caught in this catastrophe.
  14. Well! It certainly pulled my Chain! Nice One.
  15. Nick, for a gaming rig, and certainly with all the kit youre running in that case, I would be looking to put a 500 watt Power supply and a couple of case fans in there. I would also consider adding another 512MB of matched RAM to cope with newer games. Good luck with the freezes!
  16. This network setup has been used by Kendo and I before. My machine and his both running XP home, pre Service pack 2. Sure, we had a few glitches, like I could see him and me, but he only saw himself, but the games we used to network would link and play fine. So, the hub and cables, and Kendos network card were fine at that point in time. Kendo, when I get a little time, I will fetch my box down, and see if we can still link. I have not taken off any of my previous network settings.
  17. Subservient Chicken I guess the boys amongst us will enjoy this one more than our elder statesmen, and women ! Just type into the box an action, and see if you get lucky ! P.S. Probably best with Broadband !
  18. Depending on what brand the hard drive is, what bios, and what motherboard you have, you could try setting the hard drive jumper to cls - cable select. This option is necessary for some modern drives when used on their own, ie no other drives on that IDE channel. If you can get on line, it could well be worth your time to visit the hard drive manufacturers web site, and see what they recommend, before reinstalling windows etc.
  19. One other thing of note concerning the Athlon processor. It takes a lot of power, so check on your power supply unit . The "experts" in a lot of the "tech" forums reckon you need one that supplies at least 300 watts. Low power can cause overheating, and random re-boots. Bigger is supposedly better with the Athlon, especially if you have a number of drives in the case. Best of luck with it!
  20. How much thermal paste did you apply to the processor ? You really only need enough to cover the small die in the middle of the chip. Too much can spill over the die, and act like a blanket , keeping heat in the chip. Also, is the heatsink on the right way round ? It could be wrongly seated on the chip socket, and not actually sitting on the die at all. It should have a cut away underneath it , so it can fit on the chip, and not touch the socket at all. Im not trying to treat you like a fool, but these are some of the most common mistakes people make when assembling CPU's and heatsinks these days .
  21. So So True. If only we could get them to understand things on our level !
  22. I can tell you this..... I use a cordless digital phone for voice, and without filters, I cant make voice calls. All I get is static noise. At about £2.50 a go, filters were a no brainer install for me !
  23. Couple of things you might want to try. Try one of windows "generic" modem drivers. this might work long enough to get the actual modem driver. Can you swap your own modem and driver from your pc?
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