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  1. Open to offers - you never know your luck
  2. Take your point but knowing it's in the cupboard sort of keeps the hope alive that one day I might get the chance to use it Once its gone I know I will wish I still had it - but with so much to do to the house I can't afford not to sell Cheers Steve
  3. Unused but much loved Youngs Purist II 2031 serial number S/R 0632 for sale in excellent condition. Comes in hardwood case with certificate of authenticity - a recent house move and new baby forces a reluctant sale. I know I'm going to miss it but I just can't see me getting time to use it for a long time yet and can't justify the extravagance. Looking for 180 pounds posted Thanks for looking Steve
  4. Thanks for the advice so far, I'm working away from home at the moment so won't be able to reply here until the weekend. Thanks again for your help. Cheers Steve
  5. Hello I'm on broadband. Heres an example of the sort of thing I'm getting - copy of the text from "Mail Delivery System" which is at [email protected] With reference to your message with the subject: "Fwd: Re[2]: maybe interesting for you." One or more addresses in your message have failed with the following responses from the mail transport system: User <[email protected]> not known at this site. Should you need assistance, please mail [email protected] This is not anything I have sent and I am wondering, are these messages
  6. Hello Chaps, need some techie advice as I am fairly sure I have a virus. I have just started to be bombarded with email returning messages or delivery failure reports for emails which have allegedly been sent by me. These messages all have peculiar titles and are often start "fwd:" I have also had trouble sending emails of my own either with them takinf forever to get there or being returned. I have Bullgaurd antivirus which is up to date and hasn't found anything and windows defender which also says I'm ok, and spybot which has removed some spyware but these messages keep coming.
  7. Hello all, Whats the best spyware removal software - I think I've got a few hitchhikers? Thanks in advance Steve
  8. Hi Peter, The product you need is a cold blueing gel sold by gunshops. If you try a google search and there are a large number of suppliers. The best I have used is made by Phillips but Abbey is OK too. From memory Sandwell Field Sports stocked the Phillips product. To ge the best result make sure the parts are well polished and another tip is to soak the parts in oil after blueing for a while as it make the finish deeper - dont try and polish it up right away either of you will buff it off. Cheers Steve
  9. About 28 years for me. I remember when I was 5 or so watching an older lad catching gudgeon in the local brook - I was so impressed I wanted to do the same. My dad got some "Winfield" tackle from Woolworths and made a rod from a length of electrical conduit. We couldn't catch anything when we first went which was really upsetting until someone kindly pointed out that a size 6 hook was probably a bit large for minnows. Changed down to a seemingly tiny one (probably about a 16) which we were given and started catching and that was me hooked for life. A year or so later the brook flooded
  10. I hate the flippin' things, they spoil otherwise perfectly tranquil surroundings. Sadly theres a lot of "anglers" around who have never learnt to fish any other way and wouldn't know how to use any other method of bite indication properly. It would be nice if a few clubs were to have at least one stillwater on their lists where they were banned - then we could have an escape. The other thing that gets me going is the lot who descend on small waters stocked with small match carp, but fish with hugely powerful carp rods, 3oz leads, bite alarms and enough camping gear for a fortnights
  11. So its official....... You need a beachcaster to be a carp angler these days! demon
  12. Yup, its a "Millers Thumb" all right. Catching these in a net with my Dad 27 years ago what what got me started on fishing. Happy days, jumpers for goalposts etc etc Cheers Steve
  13. RUDD, you hit the nail on the head - its attracting the wildies at the expense of the bigger fish I'm worried about. Maybe a big bunch of maggots in a PVA bag loaded with bloodworm pellets and maggots, dropped quietly in the margins would be the trick? Thanks again to everybody for your ideas - it's all food for thought. Cheers Steve
  14. Thanks for the ideas so far chaps - I like the worm in a PVA bag of pellets idea :cool: I'm inclined to try along the edge of the deeper water first. It's not that I don't like catching wild carp - the scrap they put up is great fun on balanced tackle, but knowing there's a couple of monsters lurking gets the ole blood pumping Cheers Steve
  15. To tackle this water.... It's an old lake of about 2.5 acres with a good head of wild and Common carp to about 10lbs. There are also a very small number (less than 1/2 a dozen or so) of mirrors at about 20lb with one, maybe two at 30lb 'ish Depth varies from a couple of feet to 12 feet at the dam end with a couple of small islands and lilly pads in the middle. Quite a few ducks which make surface baits tricky. The fish have seen all the usual baits and tactics - the wildies take meat, corn and boilies freely but the bigger fish are rarely seen. Any ideas on targetting t
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