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  1. Hi just out of interest have any of you used Mighty Bright tape for your rods......have to say its fantastic stuff and very easy to apply plus its not at all bulky....might not be as sticky as some tapes but the brightness of it pays for that! worth a look into if you haven't tried it. Ollie little u tube vid of how to apply to rod...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWDYHC6Zt9M
  2. Ollie Jay

    The Dvice

    Not got or tried one myself but one of the blokes who fish some of our local matches is involved in dvice ltd.....i know its what you would expect from the bloke but he has very high opinions on the dvice and i have to say from what ive seen of it it would be a very good thing to have in your tackle box......id probably only use it for tope fishing to get a nice side of mackerel out there or putting a soft bait out to distance. if you search dvice on you tube there is a vid of rob showing how it works......think he casts out king rag out to about 100 meters and shows you how they look after th
  3. Few inches of snow in worthing....probably more on the downs....i hope....going sledging with the kids later.....should be fun! Enjoy all and most of all be safe.
  4. just started in Sussex...well worthing anyway....and not really sure its worth mentioning...lol flake here and there and thats about it..........so far!
  5. not sure if this place will be of much help but i tend to get my filters when i do buy em from there....good service so far. http://www.surreyphotographyshop.co.uk/ Ollie.
  6. Entry No 1 Water clown Camera D40 Exposure Time = 1/500" F Number = F22 Exposure Program = Manual ISO Speed Ratings = 800 Date= 2009-01-19
  7. Yep, have to agree with you on that....is the only way a comp should run really. Well done on getting this set up Steve! now i got my computer up and running again on a decent connection i hope to be back for the comps and the forum in general.
  8. just looked a bit hdr like to me.....and yes a supernatural church is a great shot i have to agree.
  9. yep have to agree with there being some fantastic shots in there and plenty of em....don't think i could of narrowed it down to six as at least two of my top six aint in there for voting....but i can see why the ones chosen where so well done to the judge and well done to all who entered.....mr wiggly would of been proud! just one thing....is the church a natural shot in the final six.....as thats a cracker!
  10. and a snappy happy new year to you both and to everyone else on the forum! have a great 2009!
  11. Its a shame you live far away from my local river....there a spot within half hour walk of a car park thats never let me down on spotting feeding kingfishers this year.....only problem was i only had a short lens so didn't get any shots at all....but next year will be different! least most kingfishers go back to the same feeding areas year after year which is good! Hope you get some good shots for yourself and hopefully we will see a few on the forum! Kingfishers are a great subject to photograph id say! Ollie
  12. Happy birthday mate! hope you had a great day!
  13. ok peeps thanks for your help on this and i thought id let you know i think ive sorted the screen but time will tell.....maybe when my pics come out to sharp or not sharp enough which im hopping they wont!!...it is weird though that some shots look pretty good on my comp and others just don't!! oh well will see how i get on and will probably have to go through this all over again when i set my new printer up when i get round to buying one! Thanks again for the advice....had to do manually though as couldn't find nvidia software on the site and couldn't find it on my comp either. Ollie.
  14. Hi peeps Just got myself a new computer and have to say the monitor doesn't quite seem right with some of the pics ive put on and was wondering if there is a cheep(pref free) way calibrating my screen? ive seen a few ways on the net but was just wondering what you fine bunch use to do yours? I know alot of the photographers and printers use something called spyder or summit but have to pay for that one..........any advice out there as i feel i really need to get the monitor set up right before i do any editing on any photos i take in the near future. Many thanks ps....not been t
  15. Yep a fantastic set of shots picked for the final yet again and was hard to choose a winner! Well done andy....I knew that one was gonna be in there and in with a great chance of winning! Have fun choosing from this months comp and i look forward to seeing what you pick! well done! Ollie.
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