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  1. Cheers for all that info - much appreciated
  2. Hi all I live in the south of france and am about to start fishing a big lake nearby (600 HA) called Lac Montbel. Very few people fish for carp and most go for pike because they eat all of them! I have bought a dinghy because you could never cast the distance needed and will start to look for features, depths etc. I understand the carp feed heavily on natural baits like crayfish so must search out where the crays live. Does anyone have any basic ideas? Paul Cann http://www.salagou.ismysite.co.uk has kindly given me some tips relating to another lake he fishes about 3 hours away but
  3. i live in basingstoke. i am already a member of thatcham aa. i'm now looking at newbury. any info would be appreciated - thanks
  4. can anyone let me have a contact or info about any angling clubs in Newbury (berks) please?
  5. I want to fish the canal du midi near carcassonne in france (going there on holiday)and need to find out what type of licence i need and whether i can night fish too. does anybody know who i can contact to find out more? I know night fishing is generally banned on rivers but don't know the rules on canals. Help!!
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