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  1. Many external drives come with a backup prog that you can set up to scan selected directories on you main 'C' drive. It will then automatically copy any files that have changed. This happens as soon as you close a file on the main drive, so you always have an up-to-date backup. At least that is true of the Iomega drive I have. Saves a lot of hassle remembering to backup those vital files, never tried making it bootable though so cannot comment on that.
  2. Spangles It was an American University. University of Washington
  3. Just came across this. quote: Please note that if you are paying by cash, check or credit card, an institutional overhead fee of 15.6% will be charged. ... So what method of payment can I use to avoid the 15.6% Charge. Payment in kind?
  4. Just found this usefull tool that can help prevent you being 'phished' It's FREE and has versions for MSIS and Firefox browsers. http://www.corestreet.com/spoofstick/ It shows the actual site you are on and should show up any spoof sites.
  5. Bonzo But that is if you have asbestos or suspected asbestos in or on your premises. According to the local council official you do not have to prove you haven't got it.
  6. Please be aware, if you own business premises of a new con trick. Yesterday, I received an unsolicited call from a company claiming that, due to new legislation covering business premises. That I had to have a 'Certificate of Compliance' stating that I did not have asbestos present in the building, The cost £299 + VAT. I was informed that I could recover 100% of this cost in Tax relief. I argued that the maximum for a non capital item was 20%. At this point the young female caller became flustered and could not continue with the con. Knowing what a load of rubbish comes out of Brussels, I thought it best to check with my local council's environmental health department. They informed me that no such legislation existed or was in the pipeline, therefore confirming the con.
  7. quote: Originally posted by: ***Simon*** please!!!!!!!!! Shouldn't that be: Please please me [ 20. August 2005, 11:46 AM: Message edited by: MickJ ]
  8. Tosside (Trough of Bowland) Little Snoring Great Snoring Both in Norfolk
  9. MickJ

    Bad form

    We are always being told that we should shred any documents or envelopes that have an address on to stop identity theft. Not just throw them in the bin. Are you both saying that this is not necessary?
  10. MickJ

    Bad form

    Recieved a promotional leaflet from Volkswagen in the post this morning. It consisted of a personally addressed letter and a booklet outlining the virtues of the 'new' Golf Plus models. OK so far, but when I turned to the reply coupon at the back, test drive, further information request etc. It had someone elses name and address filled in. This I consider to be very bad form, especially these days with identity theft so rife. Decide to e-mail Volkswagen, but they do not list an address. Looks like I will have to use their freephone number on Monday morning. Any thoughts on who should be contacted as well as VW. Don't think it would be a good idea to contact the person whose address I have mistakenly been sent, people can be funny over such things. Especially in this case, as it is a Miss, as in single female. And who has the leaflet with my name and address. [ 06. August 2005, 12:21 PM: Message edited by: MickJ ]
  11. You can't beat VWP Cleaner Sterilizer. Cleans muck and crud off bottles and containers while you watch. Easy to use and unlike bleach, won't do any lasting damage if you spill or splash on clothing. Not expensive, even when compared to Biological washing powder, as you use very little to get brilliant results. Even used it to remove tea stains from a pot used for 'brewing in the cup' and it came up like new.
  12. Why didn't I think of that! Thanks melpen, it's gone, for good I hope.
  13. How do you get rid of this alert. No entry in startup, that I can find. I use ZoneAlarm so have no intention of using XP's built in firewall. Just want to get rid of this annoying pop-up on the Taskbar.
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