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  1. Budgie, I don't believe so as I used to live about a mile away from where this happened. Used to walk my dogs along that stretch all the time.
  2. No , further up towards Hucknall. It's a stretch controlled up Hucknall Anglers club.
  3. 2 Gudgeon on the River Leen near Hucknall (in between Hucknall and Bulwell)
  4. Hi Steve I can't make this weekend, hows your calendar for the next few weeks after?
  5. When we going to meet up again Steve? I've got my car up here now so I can return the favour if there is anywhere you want to try that is different - streams/rivers etc, I've seen from older threads up towards Mansfield has a few free spots and Ollerton. If you'd rather not, then please say
  6. It looks like a nice spot, been and looked at it a couple of times when visiting family
  7. Brilliant story Budgie, sad to hear the news Dogs usually always deliver on the comedy when out and about, the older of our 2 dogs likes to get his nose every where he can and although I'd love to witness the same circumstance that came your way, bobo is a bit too small to cause that much body to be on display
  8. I await Anderoo's update later with, "you never guess what" and a picture of an even bigger chub
  9. Excellent news and well deserved Just watch now for June as hundreds swarm to the Oxford Thames trying to find the stretches you've been fishing after reading your reports on here.
  10. j_s

    Is it Spring?

    I took a trip down to the river on Sunday based on the forecast of it being much warmer, that didn't turn out very well. The temperature dropped that morning and the rain came down and I got very cold and wet, managed a gudgeon and a roach though while trotting
  11. Ordered it tonight and thanks to George will give it a once over. As usual this place is great for info. thanks all Hopefully it'll arrive before the season is out, of course I've never used one before so it may well be bird's nests galore
  12. Thanks guys. I've had a look over my old Wilco Pelican net and reckon I can fix it up a little so will keep going with that until it's on it's last legs. cheers
  13. I got a folding trout style landing net a long time ago, may have been Budgie who mentioned it in the past I can't remember but it's a bit on the nackered side now. Whilst looking at the cheap pin on Dragoncarp direct's website that another thread on here mentioned I spotted their game landing net: http://www.dragoncarpdirect.com/products/G...anding-Net.html Anyone used it, seen it up close? Would it be ok for course fish? thanks James
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