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  1. When you collect your key, just mention that the child you have booked in will be dropped off later my your wife.(If they can be bothered to ask) No big deal they dont check ID cards every time you go to your room. The tip was given to me by the manager of one of the Travelodge near to Luton airport. Many of the business users know and use this apparently.
  2. 70 years old and leaving??? That would be normally very old to do that sort of thing.
  3. You should have called back after 5 minutes and said..."Dont worry, just send an ambulance, ive killed him" That would have got a quicker response........but probably from armed units ..........who haven't got the best reputation with gun use according to some reports.
  4. That is just dreadful Barry. Even more so when it is work tools. Good luck.
  5. Top tip for you..If you are booking a Travelodge room, perhaps as a single person, put on the booking that you have a young child with you. It costs no more because the rates are for a room..But they avoid moving those bookings.
  6. Interesting read Snatcher! Thanks.
  7. We have them too. Perca del sol they are called here. Pretty little things.
  8. Wrong. Social security provisions are entirely the provision of individual sovereign states. We have an entirely different system to the UK. Hi Phone...Absolutely no idea why that would be.
  9. very nice. Key words..."Covered by the same rules as Spanish nationals" Who also dont get any benefits unless they have previously worked and built up their own "entitlement fund"....No free houses/accomodation...No free houses for pregnant teenagers...etc
  10. Maybe ones that have worked as per the link?? If you lot decide to give everybody else free houses...Great! As long as you realise that you have absolutely no obligation to do so..
  11. Your link has nothing to do with benefits...Nothing..Nada. Never mind it being 2 years old. The other link doesn't come from me, or my country...Read it. Its from the European press office.and as it concerns the UK ....Situated in BRITAIN
  12. http://blogs.ec.europa.eu/ECintheUK/getting-the-facts-straight-eu-rights-to-reside-in-another-member-state-eu-benefit-claimants-and-nhs-treatment-entitlement/ You will be pleased to find out they dont.....Same as they dont here either The link is from the European press office that i deal with occasionally..It sets out the myths that are occasionally put out as fact by UK tabloids.. Take a read, You may be surprised at the truth. Cheers
  13. No they dont....They get nothing unless they have previously paid into the system...Then they only get a percentage of what they have paid in...And for just a limited time.
  14. Why would they be a drain on the Benefits system...Do you think they can just turn up and start claiming?
  15. The key words....."after the transitional controls end ".................. ​They have been able to enter for some time....They are already in the UK.."The transitional controls" are that they can only work in some sectors, such as agriculture etc...Which they are already doing. Quote: Bulgaria and Romania joined the European Union on 1 January 2007. This gave their citizens the freedom to travel unrestricted within the EU Unquote: Source ....Any where you like to check................
  16. Very much so. Experiencing different cultures and their way of dealing with things can give greater tolerance of other peoples and their different ways.
  17. Not really. Despite what the tabloids would have you believe most are well behaved..Just loud. When they fight it is usually amongst themselves, and the police are ruthless in sorting it. Normally after a police "operation" it goes really "quiet" for a week as the story of "what the police were like" spreads, and is exaggerated..
  18. I really dont understand why people cant read this and take it in....It could not be any clearer.
  19. No they are not. Most of the ones that intend to migrate to Britain are already there...Quite legally.
  20. Hi Phone, the wording of the sign is defined as racist...There is absolutely zero doubt about it...Not my opinion, but clearly pointed out in the links and quotes supplied. It is not just a British thing either. We have the same definitions here...The guy would be prosecuted here too.
  21. Where is the easiest place to do a one day ticket now? Do they still do them? Cheers
  22. While i feel sorry for the man....There is absolutely NO doubt it is racist..It could not be clearer..
  23. I like watching the clips of San Maartens landings.....The takeoffs are pretty cool too. ..
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