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  1. Hi again Kieran .You could try heavy mono or braid ,but I was snapped on quite a few occasions ,when hooking the larger fish. They seemed to prefer chasing lures with a bit of colour to them when I was after them and the squid was floated at about 3 - 4 ft , but to be honest ,when they are there ,they will chase anything ( a bit like a mackeral with attitude)
  2. I am shortly going on holiday for 3 weeks to the east coast of the U.S.,and I'm hoping to be able to take a few days out for fishing. Up till now I will be staying in Ny ,Niagra , and Washington D.C. Any advice on venues , tackle req'd etc. would be greatly appreciated. [ 19. April 2004, 09:30 AM: Message edited by: jabba147 ]
  3. Thanks Norm B I'm going to try another brand of line tomorrow .At the moment I've got Berkley Iron Silk on the reel , which I think may be the problem .The line itself, I have found to be excellent for casting on my other reels, but it is a little stiff, so I think I might try a more supple line .I'll keep you posted
  4. Hi Kieran ,I was catching them approx 1 hour before and after high tide.I would recommend you use decent gear .At least 20lb line and preferably a wire trace though , cos I made the mistake of using the usual touristy gear at first(cheap telescopic rod and reel) and lost quite a few good fish ,so went into town and bought a quality rod and reel , which was worth every penny.Also made some of my outlay back by selling the fish to the owner of the apartment complex. Oh yeah I would also recommend a pair of leather gloves ( watch those teeth ) they are lethal
  5. Ok newt ,thanks for that .I'll keep at it for a while longer , then if no success might try ebay
  6. I have recently bought a Shakespeare XK4000 multiplier with matching rod , and am plaqued with constant overuns and snap offs.I have been using multipliers for the past 35 years , so I thought I had mastered the art of casting with them, but this one seems to be getting the better of me. Has anyone else got one ,or has anyone any advice on what I might be doing wrong. :mad:
  7. Dont know if its of any help to anyone, but when I was in Lanzarote 2 years ago ,I was catching a Barracuda almost every cast,using either floated squid or spinners ,The majority were only around the 5lb mark , but I did hook into a few real monsters aswell.The resort was Costa Teguise , and I found an outcrop of rocks on the coastal path adjacent to the last complex heading towards the Arricife road . Excellent sport!
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