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  1. I'm sure they would thrive under French taxation, wasn't it just a few weeks ago Cameron was inviting French entrepreneurs to the UK to avoid big tax hikes there ?
  2. I'm sure they know the risks involved and plan accordingly sorry my mistake as above, their choice to live/invest there, if that is the situation then so be it. They can't, are the Spanish that silly to turn down tax income and jobs ? Were there no non Spanish businesses operating there before free movement regulations ? would not expect them to, why should they ? I'll agree about Cameron, and again would expect no preferential treatment from the EU block if we do leave. I would however have a bet that Spain will still want to sell us strawberries and tomatoes, France will
  3. Afraid you'd have to enlighten me as to what Branson and BP are up to in Spain. I also fail to see why the Spanish would want to kick out brits who are running successful businesses and paying their tax share, are they not desperate for the money ? Or is as Barrusso says everything now hunky dory in the eurozone ?
  4. Nothing wrong with living/working in foreign climes if that's what they want, their choice, their risk. I'm sure those with property/businesses out there can still sell those assets if it was to go tights up, probably have to take a considerable financial hit but again, their choice their risk. Feel sorry for Barclays ? are you serious ? not in a million lifetimes.
  5. I don't, they chose to go live in a foreign country and as such should have weighed up the risks of political change, they made their beds...... they could always apply for Spanish citizenship, if they have been there for the required ten years of course. nice lunch ?
  6. Why so much concern for what is a comparatively small number of car workers ? What about the of thousands of skilled trades that have been forced out of the building industry over the last ten years due to cheap foreign labour imports ? What about the thousands of agricultural workers who can not find work or housing in their locality due to cheap foreign labour imports ? What about the thousands of waiting/bar/restaurant workers who can not find work because of cheap foreign labour imports ? What you going to do Cory when the day comes that your boss finds someone with the sam
  7. hello mate, would be a help if we knew where you are and where you intend to fish. you already have the gear to go sea fishing, all i use during the summer months is carp rods and bait runners for ledgering, float fishing, plugging and spinning. the only fish your likely to come across with big teeth are congers, bull huss tope and wrasse. bait can be area and species specific but as a general rule lugworm, ragworm, squid, sandeels, mackerel, cuttle and peeler crab will catch most things that swim. don't forget a selection of plugs and metal spinners for the summer, look for
  8. no shortage down here in the Selsey area during the season (sep-dec) for the last three years, not of huge size but compared to how it's been for the previous fifteen or so years where we didn't see a cod from season to season it's been good fishing. might be up your way in the summer big cod , how's the fishing at that time of year ?
  9. theres a land rover defender in the Eastleigh area in Hampshire that has the plate C11NTS , I think it's funny in a juvenile sort of way.....would love to know what he paid for it
  10. first attack in 25 minutes, got no troops or walls
  11. the beatles she loves you maybe thats why i've always had an intense dislike of the band
  12. http://www.beachandboat.co.uk/index.cgi another local-ish website for the area, a lot of the guys on here fish LoS and surrounding areas.
  13. had a bloke next to me using one last night and have to say it looked a quality bit of kit
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