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  1. Sorry Den I did not intend to criticise you in anyway and I'm sorry if I have offended you. My photography extends to turning the dial on my Sony cyber shot either to photograph or video pointing and pressing the button till it goes click. Photoshop I do use a lot to produce things for the Layout, but despite having a few books on it I still struggle to use it properly. I have picked up a lot of information re painting pictures over the years, again I would class my self as a novice. In my usual clumsy way I ended up offending some one when talking about it. And your right I like the
  2. Den thank you for your worthy photoshop effort, I appreciate what your trying to do, but remember what I the modeller is trying to do, that is to create a life like scene from scratch I know that its an illusion I need to create using all the tricks from material such as plaster for rock and the use of paint and light and a bit of distraction to draw the eye away from the flaws. The same applies to the pictures if you look at the picture before photoshop the rock in the background is softer not as sharp as after the photoshop which do you think looks better for the overhaul effect. IMHO I pref
  3. I find that flash is very difficult to use on the layout, not only shadows, I find it bleaches the colour out of the subject. When constructing the model, painting is part of the illusion, its similar to painting a picture, background is blue to impart further away, foreground colours are warmer reds, flash kills this, unless of course your doing it under studio conditions. Jostling with a host of other enthusiasts at an exhibition is not the best conditions to get perfect pictures.
  4. Hi Cliff, its a long story but I'll make it as brief as I can (they do say I waffle on ). I used to have a model Railway as a lad until I discovered what Girls were for , Aged 25 I first went down with Multiple Sclerosis, I carried on working for a further 10 yrs achieving my goal of a great well paid job, wallop the M/S decided differently I became too disabled to work and was in a poor state physically and mentally. I could not come to terms with the situation and had to see a shrink, who recommended taking up a hobby that would help with restoring some of my lost faculties hand eye
  5. I've been a member on AN for a few years now, but I some how seem to have missed this section of the forum, Snatchers post on the sea fishing chat section brought me here. I have just spent a couple of hours engroused by all the great Photographs here. My fishing has been some what curtailed over the last 9 months due to my M/S, so in order to keep sane I have combined two other hobbies I have that are with in my capabilities at the moment. Photography and model railways heres an example of what I have been up to. I have a Sony cydershot digital camera unfortunately it does
  6. Best of luck Elton, reading this thread, things don't seem to have changed, they're still at it here, pity.
  7. Daft Idea, unless you mark all the boats in the same place. They might give you a different boat next time
  8. Best to use crayon on the deck, as chalk will wash off.
  9. I was going to put a full report with pictures and video as I used to do here, but to be honest I can do without all the flack others have been getting. So I'll keep it brief launch at 8.30 caught fish returned to the shore at 5.00 pm
  10. It does'nt look like there are a lot of Haddock in the North Sea from what was shown, he's having to go to deeper waters in the Atlantic. After 3 days in the North Sea he has only caught pouting complaining he has not caught enough fish to cover his fuel bill.
  11. I find that frozen squid catches more Tope in our area than frozen Mackeral.
  12. This was over 3ft but was less than 20lb see it in action Video also this one Video
  13. Thanks for the info Brian I thought I'd read on a forum that Explorer boats were back in business, I must have got it wrong. I was seriously considering buying one after our discussions In the original thread
  14. as rob.imk2 says it must be genetic as my family and my wifes is the opposite to his, going back as far as I can no one has died of cancer and many lived into their 80s they all died of heart failure. I hope in posting this I have not invoked a curse now on my self
  15. An updated Version including video clips Gone Fishing With Elvis
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