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  1. --> QUOTE(Norm B @ Jul 9 2007, 05:04 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not arrogant at all. Where there are a lot of fish the English anglers do well, they are very good at catching lots of fish quickly, World Championships Weymouth springs to mind. In Ireland they were very good at catching enough fish quickly enough to beat everybody else, or did they get lucky pegs 3 days running? Ahem, for the youths, Scotland won 2 days outa 3 (which included a practice) So don't say luck didn't come into it somewhere, at least for our desolate sections.
  2. --><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Norm B @ Jul 3 2007, 09:40 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->If you put English anglers on a beach with a lot of fish they will catch lots of fish and win:clap2: Saying that the venue was chosen because English anglers are feared for catching fish is slightly arrogant is it not? Actually, more home nations medals have went north over the years Dover should be great, Samphire hoe round 2... I have a score to settle with a few biting tompot blennies.
  3. The seniors had an easy time of it compared to us... There was 1 fish on my zone on the second day, just one. Ive never blanked two days in a row in matches, and i can tell you it wasn't for the lack of trying. Poorly thought out venues that turned the championships, certainly for juniors and youths, into a lottery. In 2 days there was a dozen fish caught between 20 anglers... Juniors had it even worse; on the second day there was one fish caught between all the teams close to the end For under 16's, most of whom have probably never experienced Ireland before, and also probably had
  4. Sorry Iv'e not posted sooner; still trying to get my head around what was an awesome trip (in many more ways than one Despite the fact that the big cod were off spawning - hence 20mile total commercial ban for this month, we still caught loads of 'small' cod, averaging 8lbs, with my biggest being just under 13lbs. Haddock and dabs up to 2lb were a complete nuisance. We also had a sprinkling of catfish, one of which took a liking to my walking boot and laces. Coalfish are only just starting to arrivefor the summer, and we managed one crack at them on the fly - they like your lures Sna
  5. Hi mate, Sorry ive not got back to you ive had a crappy (extremely busy!) couple of days. Pm on the way Thanks agaiun Shaun
  6. Hey, i was quite happy bashing poor cods after what had been a disasterous day on everything else Highlight for me was playing darts with Snatcher, Linda, and the darts master that is Blindog - awesome criak! Good meeting new people, hopefully the fishing is better next time. Snatcher ill send you PM Re: Sandeels mate - they are outstanding
  7. Aha! So thats what the air gun/gutty talk was all about. Not to worry, i have an even deadlier weapon - a certain floaty suit
  8. Not long to go now. Can't wait. Are we tying up marina style again this year? Will join in on the pier for a few hours at night aswell.
  9. Shaping up to be a good party Snatcher, i have a question for you. I'm going to Iceland in April for big cod/coalies, any chance i could get you to tie som big old lures for saltwater fly fishing? Not even sure what would work in the way of flies over there, maybe big and bright, or perhaps more natural?
  10. --> QUOTE(Norm B @ Jan 27 2007, 02:11 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks for clearing that up Shaun, as I said, I wasn't at the match, I only print the results. If the fishing is so poor that measure and release is the only way to have a match then that's what happens. You might as well get points for small fish that go back than put them back and get nothing for them as you have caught something. Nobody deliberately targets small fish if there are bigger ones to be caught but by getting points for throwbacks at least you don't blank if it's a hard night. Hi Norm, Just trying to
  11. Im going to re-iterate this so that it might be better understood. As i said, reading CLOSELY... "Derek Smith of Dover repeat his recent victory in the Cod only competition" - This line is refering to a cod only match which this chap Derek had previously won, hence he "repeated his recent victory", to go on and win this festive match also, with his 51 fish. Nowhere in the text does it state that the festive match in dispute was cod only, meaning that the majority of fish were likely to be other species, and all of size.
  12. Hi Mike Reading closely, it says that his previous victory was a cod only match - it does not say that this match was cod only. Likely to be a bag of whiting, dabs, pout etc, with odd codling thrown in no doubt, meaning that 51 sized fish would likely equate to 40 odd lbs...
  13. Wasny me Norrie, I've never met Snatcher. Hope to this easter though, i will come up for a day shore fishing and pint (no, not green!)
  14. Whats up with the boat mate? She was sweet as a nut last time i saw!!! You get those pollack pics i sent?
  15. Hi all, There are two boat angling festivals being held next week in Scotland, both starting on Saturday. The 'Berwickshire masters' on the east coast and 'Ton of Fun' on the west. Please see attached posters. (some of the graphics may not load properly) These two events will be covered in various angling publications... The last one proved a huge succsess; the best prizes go to those who have caught the heaviest fish, so anybody can take home the awesome tackle prizes on offer. It's not to late to enter these next two festivals so hurry hurry hurry!!! Heres the results of the last
  16. Spur-Hound


    I know that an increase to 10.1megapixels is obviously a plus, but does anyone know if the new Canon 400D is really anybetter than the 350D?
  17. Its too late at night for fancy things like spelling Hope everything is well since i have joined WSF and faded out of sight in here?
  18. Awwwww, you remembered me. Im truly touched
  19. For those of you with Sky Sports tune in to 'Tight Lines' tomorow at 6PM, where Steve Souter is going to be guest, answering questions and having a general chit-chat. Some of the programme will be Steve out fishing with Davy Holt on his boat 'Catchalot' at Lochaline. Should be some quality footage... Cheers Shaun
  20. Did anyone see the April edition of TSF?? Theres some Etive shore info in there Further info required then please do send a PM.
  21. Wee report, Headed to Lochaline on Saterday, and despite everyone telling me not to risk the weather, it was beutifull!!! From the shore it was flat calm, and quite warm at times. Just a pitty the pier was too packed out to fish, so we fished the rocks with very little succsess. Didnt look so nice out in the sound where a few wee boats were bobbing up and down a fair bit. Something funny happined to the Lochaline ferry; it tried to pull away from the pier with a big old mooring rope still attached. End result - the steel on the pier stared making some interesting moaning and squeeking nois
  22. Simon, Thanks for your reply, however i feel i have a right to defence on this matter... Who the hell are you to tell me how it should and shouldnt be done??? Consider this: Im 18 years old, i have NOBODY bar mysef to go out and take photographs, so i rekon that i have been doing a good job in getting published at all. Bare in mind im doing this single handed, how do you propose i take these ideal situation photopgraphs. I prosume by your rantings that you have taken dozens of these shots, where bass are leaping back into the water, winking at you on the way down with gleeming fl
  23. Its scary Orca, isnt it! They talk about some avian flu - i am more concerned about peoplee who have nothing but bass on the brains. Blinkers or what! See:http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=60858
  24. Every sea angling mag shows pic's of undersized fish - it makes up the majority of anglers catch nowadays, especialy from the shore... People are not doing wrong catching undersized fish, as far as im aware its not illegal! People still get pleasure catching smaller fish; granted not the same pleasure as a double figure beast, but none the less... If you are telling me you dont ever catch undersized fish, or have never scaled down tackle to catch smaller fish to save a misserable blank, then good luck to you... If your another one in the bass angling appreciation fraternity
  25. Indeed they did - shot through the water like bats out of hell. Trying to control them with the fly gear on that flat slab of rock when theres about a foot of raging water over it is a giggle... They end up swimming between your legs and allsorts before the water retreats leaving them stranded. Need to unhook 'em quick before the next wave, or risk a sore hand.
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