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  1. Ta Paul, Ofcoarse they were returned It was actually a double shot - quite easy there really when theres a big school... Might not sound so appealing, but scale the tacke right down and its a laugh when nothing else is happening! As for going back with a kick, eh!!?? They always seem to flare there gills/fins there. Perhaps they know what kind of people generaly tend to fish there, and want to get a spike in so to speak, before there untimely demise...
  2. The wierdest thing happined. After about 30 mins after posting this, the pain just vanished! It went from throbbing to zilch within a matter of seconds! Didnt know pareacetamol was that effective!
  3. Hi folks, Had a niggling pain over the coarse of the wekend in my left leg (whats that musscle behind ones shin???) It is throbbing mainly in one place but sends a pain down my foot and knee aswell. I used to get similar 'growing pains' when i was young, im guessing im having a late teenage dose of growing pains.... Ive taken paracetamol, does anyone know other ways to sooth cramp??? Methods wuld be helpfull cos at the mo' its really sore, near agonising, and begining to be a pain in the arse!!! Shaun Whole weekend in the car fishing probably didnt help
  4. Emz, Like i said, what do they know?? I never think about it, i could be working away, or even fishing with nothing but good things on my mind, and then outa knowere it happens! Once the docs found out that ECG was clear they told that I DO suffer from panick attacks, no ifs or buts, and sent me to the relevant people. What Leon says about centre of the chest is really helpfull to me; i always get shooting pains right down the left, im guessing its something more to do with 'heartburn' stoch acid... Its all so confusing, but bloody scary when it happens.
  5. PS, when i first went to the doc's about it, they also sent me ato get an ECG, months later i might add! Everything came back normal, but despite this i still dont believe it when i get all the frightening symptoms. When the test came back as normal, thats when they started saying i was getting it due to stress, ad was having panick attacks. What do doctors know???
  6. Glad i seen this post..!! I dont really tell many people, but ive had chest pains, and palpitations for the last few years (those who have been on the forum after hours may know about it ) Your now starting to worry about it, and think about it more, and are having what i was described to as 'panick attacks' which will snowball your thoughts, and will make the syptoms more frequent, and worse, if you cant get ontop of them. Rest assured, there is almost certainly nothing wrong with you (or me, for that mjatter) but when it happens, its frightening, and its almost impossible to think that
  7. Winter, It is good to catch new things now and again, but there are alot of anglers that see dogfish on the east coast as the beggining of the end for cod fishing. You will have heard the theory about dogfish eating cod young, etc etc, and the abundance of cod on the west coast and lack of cod. I dunno how much truth is in it though...
  8. An englashman is sitting at a table of a restruant eating breakfast in the form of croissants + jam one morning, and is approached by a proud looking frenchman, who is chewing gum. The frenchman sparks up a conversation... Frenchman: Do you eat the whole bread in Brittain? Englashman (huffily answers) Ofcoarse we do! Frenchman: We dont, we only eat the insides. We collect the crust in containers, recycle it and make it into croissants and sell it to the Englash. He continues whilst poping the gum in his mouth loudly, irritating the englashman... What about jam, do you eat t
  9. Thanks for your comments everyone, youve no idea how encouraging and how much it means to me... Thanks! And Damo i kinda agree. 'Yatesy' has pretty much seen it, and done it all. If i get half as far as him, and other such 'sinners' in 30 years time - ill be a happy man!
  10. Folks took me today to the nice people at Arnold Clark in Edinburgh for a look at cars, and we had made our mind up within 10 minutes before two other interesties parties could snatch her up. Got myself a 1.0 Litre Corsa which is just a year old and only done 1000 miles. Need to comment on inurance, because i quite frankly still cant believe it. On advise i got my mum to take up the insurance, with me bieng the named driver. Tesco qouted fully comp - 185 quid for a year!!!!! Almost to good to be true.... Well, atleast thats all taken care of, and Britains roads are no longer safe,
  11. I have to say, when i was a wee lad and caught my first bass, i was awed! Its silver shine and the way it kept flaring its gills towards me, trying its best to stab me with its sharp bits made me giggle... At the time, i felt as though i was holiding something famous, and had to let it swim free, back into the shallow white water. Mind you, i get a diffrent feeling with most diffrent species - they all have there special qualities that keep me going back for more.
  12. Fishing alone, hmmm... yes i have done so, i really dont know if i prefer it or not... Excusing the fact that i have a mind that likes to play tricks on me when im on my tod (not so much in daylight - very much so in darkness!!!) i just really enjoy the company of fishing with pals. I find it so much more enjoyable when its a sociable event where everyone can chill, learn from each other etc etc. The odd times when its nothing but the sound of the waves as company are nice too i suppose.
  13. You fishing over the next week or two??
  14. Soon as i can get car/insurance sorted and theres fish to catch down by ill be there Big hounds are high on the list of things to do this year...
  15. Will have a browse when im back-gotta run out to the shops... NU are really doing my head in, ethe last two times ive reached a call centre in India, the guy says yes we will give you a qoute aslong as you do a quick survey about the service, of which he proceeds to press all the buttons for "good service" then hangs up on me!!!
  16. Cars a mondeo M Reg 1.8 litre diesel... If i could just get it under 2 grand ide be happy. If i cant then im gonna have to think of other options... What is cheaper, older cars or brand new????
  17. been trying to get qoutes for a car, and even though i found out its a 1995, cheapest i can get it is 2400 quid. Anybody know cheap car insurance places? Tried norwich, Kwik fit (point blank refused me!!!) Alan and Alan's.... Its like they dont want young folk on the roads
  18. So you have seen it! Ill need to wait 'till tomorow You like it? Shaun
  19. Nick-ofcoarse... Just getting my mum to see what we can do about insurance, and waiting till uncle Norrie is back from holiday, and ill come get you anytime. Paula, when suits ya? :D I get paid from my new job two weeks on wedensday, so anytime after that Shaun
  20. Hi folks Well, I PASSED I was almost sure i had failed after 5 minutes of driving, then again another 5 mins later, and then again... I went back towards the test centre calm, bht depressed, untill the nice dude told me ide passed Thanks everyone for your comments, i can always rely on you guys fro some comfort before a stressfull event P.S, got 7 minor errors...
  21. Hi folks, Please cross your fingers for me tomorow, or if your on the road at about 1.30-watch out! If i pass, no corner of the UK will be left un touched, ill fish everywhere! Some of my favourite haunts will be getting more frequent visits too If i pass... Any last minute pointers? SC
  22. "Nice one holmsey say it as it is mate need more of these opinions on this site " Strange, when other people 'say it like it is' on here, they get sniped at???? Dan, what you on about? Merry Xmas folks
  23. Im going to give abit of a report on how i see it. Ive been using a K2, 15 foot for the last 5 months or so, many thanks to Sea Angling News fish of the month and Shakespear for starters! Like alot of people before bying, or even trying on of these new continental 'wobble sticks' as i thaught of them, i was extremely sceptical. There was no need to get used to it though, loved it from the first cast! I started with 15lb line and it flew. I did feel that 6oz was perhaps slightly heavy, but 4/5 oz was a breeze, and infact an absolute pleasure to fish with. Despite the thaughts about legnth
  24. Before i start singing my sheer delight about what im going to say, i must confess to bieng a naughty boy and going against advice, and took a MAJOR gamble (i dont usually gamble!!) Following my nose this time really has paid off! Monday i started my new job, and could not work out a way of going for my second interview with a big company on wedensday, so on tuesday, before i had sighned any contracts i decided to leave the firm after my long 1 day stint in the hope, every finger crossed, that i wuld get accepted for my second interview. After my interview on wedensday the woman told m
  25. I know, i know :P Watch out and not catch any nuclear radioactive fish Should i give them any more hints Les Edit: Infact im not so sure its where i think it is now!
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