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    Whiting Time.

    Are they a decent size autumn??? Mates said northeast whities are all pan sized on average, which is nice. Treble shots of 1lbers would keep the rods bent nicely for a sesh
  2. Toward the start of this thread a few commented on how kids can have a false sence of 'i am god' which in turn puts them in danger, which is true. The sea wont mess about... mother nature has no equals and many people who are greatly experienced at sea/on the shore are caught out regularly. It doesent take much human error in some cases for something to go badly wrong, and staying away from the sea isnt an option for someone like me who is born for fishing! Perhaps these lads where just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Although i here the weather was pretty rough down south last
  3. Certainly for 'darn sarf', winter doesent seem like much fun, but there is some fantastic fishing to be had from the shore east to west up here in scotland, same with northern england.
  4. http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b224/Spu.../Shaun_Spur.jpg Theres my biggest Spur of the weekend. Thats my one gripe with new A.N, i still havnt worked out how to upload photo's, every time i try it says file too big.
  5. Hi folks, Home early... Still good though Tonight the rain was horizontal and as we had caught a few fish we decided to just come home lightwieghts i know Started off at banawe quarry on friday eve, just for a mess catching a few dogs and whities. Friday night when the tide was low enough we went searching the shallow beaches and fished a new place. I mised runs on my 1st three casts before my pal had a spur and thornie. 2 hours of fairly steady fishing getting about half a doz Spurs apiece passed, Then tiredness got the better of us and we went for a sleep. Today we went to one of et
  6. Heres the plan.... Today im getting all my gear sorted... This evening me and my pal heading up the west coast lookin for spurs and thornies. Fishing midnight low water, then sleep for a few hurs. All day tomorow trying various marks, then tomorow night midnight on a low water mark, home early sunday. Its gonna be some weekend!
  7. Cheers folks Your on Les. Infact i should even be able to drive us next time, if things keep progressing
  8. You both may look like donkeys, but we know who THE donkey is Im aloud to make daft postings today, eh Out to work now, then afterwords well il just see where i end up
  9. Smoked haddock, IMO, if accompanied with creamy mash potatoes is unbeatable... Ive also tried steamed plaice, also excelent. Cod-nah, bass-nah both not my thing. I dont eat much fish, but the two above make my mouth water. Im quite into trying exotics (although never sushi!!!)
  10. Cheers David Think im going to Etive, will hopefully have more luck than i have had lately going after them cod things.
  11. Thanks everyone Much appreciated
  12. National cull seems appropriate And no messing about with rod and line iether... Net the bass****s
  13. Whats the diffrence between a cormorant and shag? look about the same to me... Alcohol fueled posts seem great at the time.
  14. Well actually, the only thing blue is the colour of my t-shirt 18 as from 10 minutes ago, hip hip hooray etc..... And just back from the pub, ive still not had a legal drink yet Theres always tomorow Whole weekends fishing to look forward to also
  15. Is that the one with no manager ....... rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif Aye, well.... rumour has it that sir Bobby Robson could be in future plans, if we decide that he is good enough, ofcoarse This easy avatar change is dead cool, gonna keep changing till i get a really good one
  16. Mine was a pic of my ugly puss, tho i changed it to the best footy team in the SPL
  17. There is a third group; people like me who stick a great big hook through its heed and live bait it for something BIG So we have passed that joke then, have we? Ill (try) not to mention that again... On a more serious note... Rapala, I so happen to be similar in opinion to you, for how I go about my fishing. Return as much as possible, and feel slightly guilty if ive killed. The main reason is because i dont eat that much fish, although i have tried new types on occasion. Death is a part of fishing, there are no two ways about it... If we where to quibble over everything th
  18. Spur-Hound

    Best Bait

    Doubt it mate whities are really long lived.... 10-15 years old, so are really slow growing. Unless they move around.
  19. As a match angler involved both at club and international level i can honestly say this practice is not a true representative of modern day match anglers. I dont undersand how this match would have been organised. The fish all look like undersized whities, its a baffling picture. Matches where it is likely to be undersized fish as the main target are usually always catch, measure and release, minimising death. Infact, matches that are not C,M and R are usually boycoted.
  20. Surely the more ban the netting fuel, the better???
  21. Hi folks Cant believe it, just a week on thursday and ill be 18 Cant believe ive made it this far. Feels good though..
  22. Its now Tuesday eve, any sighn of the winds???
  23. ahhh were all going to die.... Im sure thats what 'They' want us to think... I dont see it, but if it does happen, every man for themselves as they say... demon demon demon Seriously though, what will they think of next? How many people died of mad coo disease? Ill be the 1st to eat humble pie
  24. Sure is poledark The sun is out, might even get to take some shots today in the wake of the torrential rain weve had of late...
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