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    well lately i have been targetting a few carp,i stalked two on the river lea in hertfordshire at the start of the season,resulting in me losing a possible 20+ common,on the float too!
    i then went onto the tidal lea in hackney,right in the east end of london,i found a group of carp,mostly small single figure fish but several were big enough to warrant my attention,easily good upper double figure fish.
    so i set up a boilie/bolt rig combo got it in place,all was quite for a while until i went to recast,as i picked up teh rod there was a thump,sweeping the rod back it curved over and kicked then all went slack
    i had been cut off on 15lb big game! i havent been back yet but i will be!
    i then moved on to 90year old gravel pit,absolutley covered in lilys,stalking amongst them, in a small channel, i waited patiently in 90 degree heat,one jet black carp i estimated to be at least a mid double,cruised in to the channel,sucked my breadcrust in from within a gap in the lilys..i struck...and missed! i sodded up my one chance,oh well back to the predators for a bit!...off perch fishing tommorrow!
  2. Russell Fitzpatrick
    Well i have always wanted to hook a catfish and feel that power,i had spoken to a few friends that who had encounters with teh wels and they were not dissapointed!
    So i went and met up with my mates in cambridge,matt rand and mark,we had decided to visit a norfolk pit that they had fished a few weeks before,resulting in a 20lb+ cat,so we went for a two night session.
    on getting there we each dumped our ruckys in swims to show they are claimed,on returning with the rest of our gear,Matt had an older angler setting up his bivvy in his swim! "sorry mate didnt see your massive rucksack",rather than cuase a scene matt pitched up in my swim with my permission...it turned out to be a blessing in disguise!
    as we settled into our bags we discussed what the fight from a cat was like the unstoppable runs,the infamous"CAT ON" shouted by those hooked up to one in total darkness!apparently it has to be shouted to avoiding wiping the carpers lines out,its happened before!
    so as we settled into our bags,BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP!!! my micron was screaming a one toner war cry!
    flying out of the bivvy,i got to the rod and realised i had no headtorch on!or shoes! i snapped the bail arm shut and whacked the rod back,at first it took on a slight curve,eel i said to matt who was now by my side lighting up the scene.....whack the rod really went into full battle curve,matty remarked thats no eel mate!!
    10 minutes of charging up and down the margins and occasionally going on a run, i was admiring my first cat on the mat she wieghed in @20lb 5oz,and was caught on a live rudd fished on the polyball rig at around 40 yards out ,straight in front of my swim.
    that blessing in disguise...oh it came in the shape of a 21lb daylight cat and a 27+mirror for matty boy! and mark had a 7LB 6oz tench PBs all round!
    the last night was very very quite tho!
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