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  1. just a thought j.k but try trigga boilies or there range of pellets,alot of people use halibuts,triggas are that bit diffrent,plus boilies will with stand the attention of small fish,as will pellets, anyway tight lines mate
  2. yeah i'm trying to convice my self that,i think if i am going to use it for bream n tench it will be on big pits n ressies so 1.75 would be better there but i dont want to heavy a rod for the chub ill continue arguing with my mad self...by the way wots IMHO??
  3. hi all with the new river season coming up i've decided to invest in a new avon/quiver rod, i have ordered a shimano hyperloop barbel rod,with a 1.75lb test curve,i will be fishing a small fairly pacey river,i opted for this as there are some large carp resident + barbel and chub,to be honest you could hook any one of them!plus streamer weed cabbages etc..i also want to use the rod for tench n bream,i now think the 1.75 is to powerfull and is more for big fast rivers?and i should opt for the 1.5lb version instead but is it powerfull enough?im confused and cant decide to wich will be best for
  4. damn you werent upset!!like i say id be gutted,still i bet it gave ya a fight to remeber!
  5. sorry to be a pain but i too want my own avatar,can i not upload it to my profile??do i have to mail to gray??
  6. sixth sense?"i see fish" "big fish" lol ive only had that feeling a few times but i think its more to do with the way we fish,i seem to know when im fishing well,and when im fishing like a noddy,plus all the knowledge gained through the years.A experienced angler can come across swims that scream fish and he will catch there,but the novice's may not as he is lesser experienced infact he may even pass th eswim bye not giving it any thought.
  7. an 8 plus slip from the hands...id be a broken man..i bet it was a stonking chevin,fenboy that was a brilliant post made good reading..shame i was supposed to be working!!not on the net..
  8. i've always found the bbc website to be pretty much spot on with the weather,plus you can look at 5 day forecast for certain parts of th e country,my'n is set to my favourites page as standard!can check pressure,temps,and wind direction
  9. i've always found the bbc website to be pretty much spot on with the weather,plus you can look at 5 day forecast for certain parts of th e country,my'n is set to my favourites page as standard!can check pressure,remps,andwind direction
  10. oh yes...big old wary chevin,hopefully i'll break the 6 pound barrier this year,a double may well comefrom the pits before a river produces one,tho the river would be the one...
  11. not strictly clothing but them meshy-scrims they use are good for stalking in summer,pull over your face,bobs ya uncle fully camouded up... but breathable! i see them but they dont see me....
  12. if i could catch a record.....i think it would have to be a chub, very hard to catch, old, wise, seen most tricks...one close to double -figures would be nice-from the lea,an unknown stretch tho.. id love to land a record pike just to see the sheer size of it. the chub is a prospect tho...u never know.....or the first 5lb roach that would be awsome sight...now im dreaming....
  13. tricky one this... i agree with budgie on this one,if when you arrive you can move your rods to where you choose or cast to where you intend to fish if someone turns up do the right thing and move,it might even go in your favour--if they are sitting on ya lap i can see why people would get annoyed! i sometimes have problems when drifting for pike,lots of carp anglers spread out not to happy about my deadbaits etc being drifted over there baits! its seems mainly a problem with carp anglers purley because they fish further out than most.i've heard of problems at fishers green too babel a
  14. ah-ha i thought so! hello newt...thanks for the welcome
  15. erm can anyone tel me how i can put my avatar pic in-can see it in my profile??
  16. hi ya lads i'm in to all sorts really faves our chub n pike i remeber you budgie from p+p forum,i still post on there,but i was looking for as site for all species i think this is the one.16th aint far off n th echevins are calling
  17. hello to all ! just thought id say hello before joining the discusions,so without delay im off to start reading them...speak 2 u all soon. cheers russ
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