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  1. I agree with seafoods on this one. The project “will lead to a loss of local accountability and a loss of local knowledge including details of local rescue plans, operating procedures, personnel, local dialects and place names. I believe the loss of local knowledge was responsible for the death of three anglers in Loch Ryan a few years ago. The helicopter was searching in the wrong place for the first vital forty minutes. I guess we have to be thankful the RNLI are independent; at least the government can't mess with their services.
  2. It is worrying that the EU can come out with a statement which is contradicted a few months later. Borg assured in this letter below that Art 55 would only concern Tuna and Cod. Thank you for your e-mail dated 25 June 2009 asking for clarifications on the stocks covered by Article 47 (on recreational fisheries) of the Commission’s proposal on how to improve the control of fishing activities in EU waters in the future. I believe that there is a misunderstanding regarding our latest compromise proposal concerning the issue of recreational fisheries. In fact the Commission has not widene
  3. The fishing isn't good in winter around the MOG. The larger pollack move offshore around this time and will return in April/May. I occasionally hear of a bass being caught through the winter but a lot of anglers days goes into catching the odd fish
  4. Details will be added to the www.ssacn.org and www.tagsharks.com websites shortly
  5. Not quite the highlands but i believe the RSPB have volunteers for their Mull of Galloway reserve
  6. Scotland move to ban shark finning After three years of strong lobbying by SSACN, and Shark Trust, common sense has finally prevailed www.scotland.gov.uk/News/Releases/2009/10/09133753
  7. One for the experts? LOL I eventually solved the problem, a poster on a computer forum suggested he had tried everything to solve this problem and finally found the solution. Just pull the PC mains plug out the wall for a second or two. Sceptically I tried it but it worked. Thanks for your posts
  8. Following the launch of the study into the economic impact of sea angling, Cabinet Secretary Lochhead committed to the creation of a Scottish RSA Strategy Group to explore the best way forward for the sport. See http://www.ssacn.org/a-letter-from-c-s-lochhead. This was followed up in Holyrood by a Members Motion raised by Bill Wilson (West of Scotland) (SNP) supported by many other MSPs welcoming the creation of the Group. see http://www.ssacn.org/motion-sea-angling-strategy-group Last week we met with the Marine Scotland (MS) lead for the Group to set the process in motion and we are
  9. The TLD 5 and 10's were replaced by the 1000 and 2000 charter specials. They are basically the same reels with a level wind
  10. Thanks for your help Guys. I have tried all of the above. I recon its time to start again and reinstall windows. The machine would certainly benefit by it.
  11. Could someone please help before i tear all my hair out. LOL I stuck an mp3 player into a USB port and it seemed to recognise it and called it my J drive. I then put my external hard drive (which is usually my j drive )into another USB port, and up popped a window stating the hard drive couldn't be recognised. Unfortunately my pc won't now recognise any mass storage device now including memory sticks which work fine on my other PC. I have tried to follow microsoft help guides, updated drivers etc etc and everything looks OK in the device manager. Any help would be gr
  12. Details and how to register here http://www.ssacn.org/sign-up-for-tagathon2009
  13. Brilliant Linda. You seem to make a habit of catching the biggy
  14. I appreciate that elasmobranches don't feature in your fishing world but how much of that is down to the depletion of the stocks. The rays, skate porgie and spurdog used to be as common on the Scottish east coast as they were on the west coast. In fact the majority of the porgie landings came from your coast. The 0 porbeagle TAC has also stopped visiting nations like the faroe islanders from fishing in Scottish waters Fish stocks are so low on the west coast that the 25% ray bycatch limit has stopped a targeted fishery because there simply isn't enough of anything else to make up the
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