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  1. Pugs


    FasterFox does all the performance mods for you. Check it out on the FF extensions
  2. Ah, but Stavey there are loads of baby Bass (survivors!) so it stands to reason that there will be loads of big bass (hello) in the future without the commercials having to look after anything in their industry apart from me me. Just look at the Cod ha ha ha. They live with tunnel vision mate. Don't give sweet FA to any sort of conservation. Hope their grand kids aren't going in to their industry. They'll have their fore fathers to blame for nowt to catch.....
  3. That is a bit harsh DelJ. How is Sam supposed to know the 'membership chap' is away on holiday and as you can't get on the BASS forums this is a reasonable place to ask as there are other BASS members here. Sam: I think its about 2 or 3 weeks.
  4. Pugs

    bass banging

    not if they are sold on without a licence, r u admitting to something here ??
  5. Pugs

    bass banging

    You are, if you do not have a licence. Just a heads up....
  6. I raised it, as the response I recieved from DEFRA suggested that a licence is most certainly an option. How many people actually know that????
  7. This is the response... Thank you for your e-mail regarding Recreational Sea Angling (RSA) and the recent announcement on the plans to increase the landing size for bass from 36-40cm. The decision was reached on the basis of an evaluation of the costs and benefits of various options, which are set out in detail in the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) at http://www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/consult/bass-mls/full-ria.pdf. In summary, the benefits are that the increase to 40cm will bring the minimum landing size closer to the average spawning size for bass and so will protect mo
  8. Well Leon i found this on another forum "i had an interesting phone call off a friend of mine who works at the enviroment agency and he was telling me that from April 07 or April 08 depending on how things go with the big movers and shakers that a new rod licence for sea anglers is going to be introduced costing £32." and its not pointless, as before you know it (this government) could have introduced a licence, better to be prepared than sitting around doing squat diddle dee!
  9. Had the BMP been implemented in it's entirety and a 'golden mile' been established and a proactive approach to such illegal activities as netting etc taken place, artificial reefs and marine reserves established then yes I would happily pay for a sea angling licence. But the way the government 'jacked' out of the BMP and local authorities turning a blind eye to illegal netting, the complete lack of quality fish in our inshore waters, then they can ram any licence where the sun doesn't shine. I'm not going to pay a licence fee when there is no decent sport to be had! mods: can you
  10. Stavey I forgot to tell you when I was down there the same day there was a small inshore trawler about at most 400 mtrs of the low water mark under the seven sisters. Not sure if this was legal or not but surely it isn't? That is a nursery area! Think this trawler is one that is allways around the entrance or not far from it, bleedin commercials. Any way I've written to mr bradprat naming this mark as one that is 'abused'.
  11. My Dogue De Bordeaux likes (or did) pussy cats for dinner ;-) On a seroius note, look at what they do to local garden wildlife. I had Blue Tits fledge in my garden only to see the whole lot eradicated by a bleedin cat. A .410 springs to mind....
  12. Best bet is to eradicate cats, then they wouldn't be having tuna for supper, thus saving fish stocks
  13. Hello mate, went down last Friday but nothing in the sea and the river was pretty quite (has been all year!). Massive tide though and did see fish up the little side creeks just down from the entrance, whatever species, they were there to get out of the current. I'm off next Friday 25th, if you want to meet up or maybe this Saturday? Got a Goldie in Ireland of 3lb and it fought really really well. Even jumped clear of the water! Pugs
  14. Well Steve, it's not particulary well composed and it names my local nursery mark as an example of 'real world' (told him he needs to get in it too) illegal fishing from trawlers under the cover of fog, darkness, or when most people are tucked up in bed, in that particular area. No wonder I haven't seen many bass in that so called nursery area this year!!!!!
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