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  1. Guys - ive just come back from portugal and went out on a big game boat. We were using live mackeral for bait, affixed to the hook using a 'bridle rig'. Essentially, it was a dacron loop which is twisted onto the hook, pierced through the livebaits nostrils and the other end twisted onto the hook... you end up with a hair rigged livebait, with the hook completly exposed. I'm told they use it as it improves the hook hold, allowing the circle hook we were using to pivot easier and prolonging the life of the livebait. What stuck me was how it could work for pike and Zander deadbait fishing,
  2. Just come back from Vilamoura. Took my rods and caught a few bream and a small bass. However, a local fishing next to me had a lovely bass - must of been 8lb or so - on a whole live mackeral. He cast out a huge lead on its own. He then clipped on (with a snap swivel) a 3 ft hooklink with 2 big hooks and the mackeral. His rod was pointed skywards and the mackeral then 'zip lined' to the surf and was essentially tethered in the surf. It could swim up or down. Has anyone seen this method before? I was staggered when he nailed the big one, but he'd clearly used the method a few times...
  3. Thanks Brian - just sent the below to John. Hopefully he'll come back to me. I'd have no issue joing DCAC if it allowed me access to Kepier etc. I'll let you know his response, assuming i get one. Thanks again. John, It was suggested that I contact you by Brian Carragher, a forum member on anglersnet.co.uk - I am based in London, but come up every month or so and love to get out on the Wear. My in laws live at Ferens Park in Durham City and I have been fishing the free stretch from the ice rink to Kepier farm boundary - always fly fishing, having caught a few trout, a couple of sea trout a
  4. I know there used to be some whopping perch at Blandford... used to be fishable on a day ticket
  5. Thanks Brian, thats really helpful - i'll drop John an email i explain where i got his name from. My in-laws live at Ferens Park, Durham so its a two minute walk to the river from their house. I have always only ever fly-fished the stretch and caught lots of trout and a couple of sea trout (plus a rogue monster dace on a GRHE!). Coarse fishing has always been second to the fluff chucking for me, but i do like the biting capability of chub on even the coldest day. I'll give it a go on the free stretch and let you know. Incidentally, do you know who controls the fishing at 'Kepier Farm', ri
  6. Neoprene is also used for dry suits and to make the boots on the bottom of game fishing waders. I know people dont want to be wet in a dry suit, nor have wet feet from waders, so i'd suggest keeping your gloves dry...
  7. I'm up in Durham for Xmas and was thinking of having a mornings fishing. Was going to travel light with a few floats and shot, either trotting or touch legering. Are there any chub in the free stretch around the Ice Rink, Sands areas and if so, have i got the methods right? I was going to take a few lobs, some cheesepaste and bread... depending whether the river is up and colloured or low and clear respectively... Any hints would be useful. Thanks Dan
  8. yes, thanks... unsurprisingly, i had googled it. Partridge of redditch email address bounces back (i emailed them direct on friday) and i coudnt find any clear link to a stockist. Thanks for the ted carter tip off.
  9. guys - does anyone know where i might be able to get some of the above from? Stockists seem rare! thanks
  10. I've just taken delivery of some 10lb fox carboflex wire, which includes some of their crimps. Its very imprssive, fine diameter and carbon coated which means it feels - and looks - like 8/10lb maxima... although obviously wire! I'm going to use it on the zander, but i reckon it would work for perch too.
  11. Dales - How did you get on?
  12. I fished half roach on one rod and sprat on the other. never got so much as a twitch on the sprat, but had dropped run after dropped run on the roach - plus the little one i caught... not really a scientific test, but put it this way, i'll be fishing roach on both rods next time i go...
  13. Thanks Budgie, very helpful. I have ordered some 'parts' off ebay for my lightweight drop off indicatiors and i'll report back! I've also bought some NAsh run rings and i am going to fish slack lines... I'll report back!
  14. Interesting comments guys. My roach baits were coming back 'pricked' which suggests i was getting them stabbed, but the resistence was putting them off. The one i caught showed only as a single beep with a line twitch which i struck at, mainly out of frustration! The venue is not known for its eels, so i think i was suffering from a series of dropped runs. Think i will make some light weight drop offs and fish slack lines to see if i can convert more. Definitely going back soon... much as i hate the frustration, its also bizarrely like a rubix cube... you just want to solve the puzzle! one of
  15. Hi guys, i had an infuriating session at bury hill last week. Everytime i cast in i got little beeps, none of which turned into 'a run'. I was fishing running leger with light 10lb fox carboflex wire, size 2 super specialist hook (single) and roach head as bait. I caught one fish of about 4lb (picture attached), but wanted to ask the team whether anyone ever experienced this and, if so, should i have struck at the little beeps and dips/rises of the bobbins? Alternatively, was there anything i could have done to further minimise resistence? I was using quite standard hangers as bobbins, plus b
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