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  1. I literally had to hack the cobwebs off of my fly rods with a chisel. Other styles of fishing had my attention over the last few years, but I've had a weird desire to chuck fluff again this year, and while we've been battered by constant storms recently, I decided to ease myself back in gently with a trip to an East Lothian (Scotland) commercial fishery - Markle. It was great to be out in a pleasant gap in the weather. Had 5 rainbows. Rather than taking pics, I put together a wee video: http://youtu.be/J4tuLFrEV8o
  2. Hello folks, has anyone tried any underwater stuff? GoPro has made things much easier, and I've been experimenting with different ways to get it right. Below are a couple of videos I've done. Samphire Hoe http://youtu.be/02Ju0VJRou8 Mullet http://youtu.be/Q5TJu7jTYIY
  3. No No Alan, you aint dug yourelf anywhere, I agree with what your saying completely, Tho i wish it was diffrent, Hope we can all prove there still fish to be caught this weekend
  4. LOL @ norrie, My S african shark rod wouldof done the job alright, BRoke it at the home nations due to "abnormal use" Went for a cast, lead flew off and the rod flew round and whalloped the high pier wall, Next time i snagged and bent into it thje fiberglass at the point where it hit the wall absolutely exploded Was exiting, Good thing is, there 3 piece, only the tip is broke, can quite easily get a new tip, which is in the post now so i believe, ALthough im planning on "borrowing" one of my dads tips for the rod for the trip Shaun
  5. Is it not a sad thing tho that we cant help fellow anglers to have as much enjoyment as ourself, After all thats why alot, particularly the begginers come here for. Ive just never been like the squirrell who hides all his nuts. But i do see the point, If its the way things are in todays world then it has to be done Just shows the greed and how desperate the skippers seem to be to make Money
  6. shaun04


    Hiya Norrie, I think its the east fife open, Crail,anstruther area. Actualy its the Cono-flex open so one of them is up for grabs, Hope you catch a few of davys pets on the weekend
  7. shaun04


    And how are you, Been fishing much of Dysart this year???
  8. shaun04


    Hi Norrie, Doing great thanks, Will be up your coast next weekend for the east fife open. Me, A stalker, Neverr ;o)
  9. shaun04


    Nope you cannot Davy. And iether can your pets
  10. shaun04


    It takes a bigger person to rise above it, I havnt been around long enough to see whats been goin on here, But if i do come across any A******S Ill just egnore them. So please dont run away every1 just as i join in the fun. Shaun
  11. Nice pics lads, Been takin alot of piccs myself lately, Not that there any good, Yet that is,
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