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  1. The spec,s on that Laptop state that 1GB is the max ram,so it would seem no where to go.
  2. Steve, I wish you a very happy retirement,I retired one year ago and it is the best job I have ever had. For The very many happy times I spent at Wingham I thank you and wish you and Peggy all the best in the future.
  3. If you get stuck send it to me and I will scan it send it back and send you the digital image by e-mail attachment.
  4. I do not know Ken, Never used one.
  5. This may do the job. https://caterspeed.co.uk/product/schneider-bakers-saw-edge-knife-36cm/ https://www.thesheffieldcutleryshop.co.uk/shop/sheffield-made-stainless-steel-bread-knife-blade/
  6. I voted Cod,but, Huss,Rock and Gurnett all the same is second.
  7. Not sure we are a sh*thole country,but, London with all it,s let,s make our name people is defiantly a Capital city that is sh*t. I was born in London and grew up there, so it does make me sad to say this.
  8. Lewis was defeated by the teams inability to process information correctly,after spending tens of millions of pounds,just to achieve that. Or are they just building up to a competitive F1 season?
  9. One of my old fishing club lakes had for a few years in the 1990,s a problem with Blue algae and from what I know it is toxic. The first thing when it appeared was to dispatch a number of Barley straw bales into the lake. The lake was closed until the algae was cleared. sometimes up to two months.
  10. Welcome back, a bit like me after a number of years.
  11. My View is that it is a gun problem that the USA will never be able to overcome. After 200 years of their gun culture,even if they tomorrow tried to control guns, all that would happen is the law abiding owners would be controlled and the illegal owners would go about their daily activities just as before. We, The UK have tried this after Dunblane and Hungerford, I cannot remember which and all that happened is that sporting owners of firearms ( handheld) now cannot hold them. This has made no difference to the crime level and will not. Multiply this problem 10,000 times for the US
  12. Si. I saw this on-line and thought of you, maybe helpful. https://carptacklereview.wordpress.com/2017/07/22/whats-the-best-carp-fishing-hook-hook-shootout-2017/
  13. Thank you and I hope I can post some catch reports. Richard
  14. Hi There, We may very well see each other on the Beult or Medway in the summer. Good to hear from you. Regards, Richard.
  15. Only been back a short time. Hell we the UK that includes Scotland are doing so well. When we that is us the UK including Scotland,finally BREXIT,we will do so much more. Funny how per capita Scotland still take the lions share of tax given over all other.
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