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  1. I'm trying to find a log of all files printed, on windows XP. I've looked in the system log: control panel> admin tools > event viewer But it doesn't seem to list print events. If no one knows, can you point me to a good forum where i might find out? It's been a while since I've needed to ask for tech help
  2. I use it almost exclusively when trout fishing. I'm not sure what to say except that it works really well!
  3. From: http://forums.techguy.org/t377787.html via Google "The error message regarding "DirectDBNotifyWndProc" seems to be from Outlook Express. Periodically OE wants to compact all your folders to save space. It pops up a small window asking if you would like to compact folders, etc. I think the message goes away quickly and may not always be noticed. I finally did let it compact my folders and the errpr went away. Hope this helps. Cheers, -john" http://www.annoyances.org/exec/forum/win2000/t1049886850 "hi , i had the same problem and i reinstalled outlook and the problem was gone , but you must make first a backup from outlook , adresses , mails etc.....!!!! i hope it works for you , for it works , the problem is solved"
  4. I find that if you go to the cinema to watch it, you don't get that problem
  5. Download and run: Spybot Search and Destroy http://www.safer-networking.org/ Ad-aware http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/ Then I'd recommend changing your browser to Firefox: http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/
  6. You could try the command prompt... Go start>run...>cmd Then you'll need to navigate to the correct location (or perhaps it would be easier if you could move the file to the location that cmd starts at?) Anyway, use the following commands to move: cd directoryName Moves you to the directory specified .. Moves you back a directory. dir Displays the files in the current directory When you find the file, use the following del FileName And then I think you have to press Y to confirm.
  7. Pc Duncan Thomas, the force's wildlife officer, said that saboteurs were increasingly attacking anglers. "Both anglers and grouse shooting parties should be aware of the threat to them and they should have contingencies in place to protect themselves." Looks like we can no longer rely on 999 when the Police themselves are telling us to have 'contingencies to protect ourselves'
  8. I couldn't see this posted anywhere else on Angler's net so here it is: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml.../19/nfish19.xml Anglers attacked by animal extremists By Nigel Bunyan (Filed: 19/08/2006) A gang of masked animal rights activists has attacked a group of anglers, prompting fears that extremists are determined to widen the scope of their campaign of intimidation. The 35 masked extremists had earlier disrupted a grouse shoot before being moved on by police. A handful of people, some of them families, was enjoying a day out at the Bank House fly fishery, at Caton, near Lancaster, when the saboteurs arrived. advertisement Lucy Belson, of Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, was fishing with a friend when they suddenly found themselves at the mercy of the gang. "They began throwing stones at my rod and one of them said, 'It's the easy way or the hard way. You've been sabbed.' They told me to pack up and go or I was 'going to get wet'." Fighting broke out as two anglers on a nearby stretch of bank struggled with the protesters. Miss Belson, a resuscitation nurse at Westmorland General Hospital, in Kendal, said: "I decided to get out of there and go home but suddenly they all ran towards me waving bats and blocks of wood, shouting, 'Get her'. "I was jostled and they smashed my fishing rod." As she broke away from the melee, Miss Belson saw another woman being punched in the face and several cars being vandalised. "I was shaken at the time but now I am angry," she said. "They are cowards and I certainly won't be frightened to go back to the lake. I love fishing and I have been doing it since I was a little girl." Lancashire police believe that the anglers were the victims of an opportunistic attack. Earlier in the day the saboteurs had tried to disrupt a grouse shoot at Lowgill, near High Bentham. At the height of the confrontation, police called in the force helicopter, an armed response vehicle and nine other vehicles. However, there were no arrests and the saboteurs headed away. Pc Duncan Thomas, the force's wildlife officer, said that saboteurs were increasingly attacking anglers. "Both anglers and grouse shooting parties should be aware of the threat to them and they should have contingencies in place to protect themselves." A Countryside Alliance spokesman said: "It does seem to be the way animal rights extremists are heading. Their issue is not animal welfare - it is about hating people. They simply want to cause trouble." Last year animal extremists attacked anglers on the Grand Union canal, in Milton Keynes. Some of the fishermen were thrown into the water. Tom Fell, the regional director of the Countryside Alliance for Cumbria, said: "These people will stop at nothing to achieve their ends. They are a real worry and a real danger."
  9. I see the 'obviously' part didn't show my sarcasm well enough. If people had read more than the first line of my post, you would realise that I'm performing a study of user interfaces on the web. If you aren't willing to help, then just say so - or even better, don't say anything at all. All it requires is for you to post the link to a fishing website that you like the design of that, may spring to mind.
  10. So I can plagiarise them obviously. Also, an MRes in Design and Evaluation of Advanced Interactive Systems.
  11. If google allowed you to search for sites with good page designs, then yes I could....but as it doesn't.... Like I said, good design is subjective, kinda hard to pick up with a search engine.
  12. OK guys, I'm looking for examples of well designed fishing websites. There must be some out there. They can be for any type of angling (game, coarse, etc) and can be information sites, tackle shops or fishery sites it doesn't matter. The main criteria is that they have a nice design - this is obviously subjective but it could include: * nice clean layout, * flashy fancy layout * an interesting interaction feature - virtual tour, peg/boat booking system.
  13. dunc85


    When this happens, you could try using task manager 'ctrl alt delete' to see if a particular process is using a large % of the processor.
  14. Looks like a variation on one of the Nigerian scams - we are a company and need a rep in your area. And think about it, if you did start "selling" the phones, when the buyer doesn't get their phone, who do they report to the police? You.
  15. Yes. an 8/9 weight will be fine. Lines depend on the depth of the water and if you want to fish one of those deer hair pike flies booby-style. Having said that, I usually just use a floater.
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