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  1. Yep, all salvage found at sea or on the shore should be reported to the receiver of wreck. If they can trace the owner and they want it back you have to give it back to them, however, you can claim a suitable reward for your efforts. It may be that they don't want it back and you can keep it.
  2. Chub Frenzy, I am assuming you wish to set your pots from the shore, yes? If so you need to find a pier or rock mark with a few feet of water on a low spring tide. Tie your pot onto sinking rope (not the cheap blue polypropylene that floats) and tie the other end onto your pier, or a steel peg hammered into a crack in the rock. Bait your pot and throw it in. Make sure the rope is long enough for the pot to sit on the bottom. The pot will probably be pretty heavy if it's a decent one - think of using a sash weight or two to weight it down. Come back the next day and see if you've caught anything. On a busy pier you will have to tie it somewhere where no-one will notice it or it will get pilfered as people said earlier in the thread. People do low tide pots here, the rope is short and the rock it's tied to gets covered up at high tide. You will probably lose the odd pot when it gets snagged up. Hope that helps!
  3. 'catchable' fish always show up as some sort of horizontal or diagonal line in my experience. big 'blobs' of fish are baitfish. Sounder frequency - of use to UK anglers are 200 and 120kHz (I have a 120kHz Koden), with maybe 50 in really deep (400ft+) water. Commercial sets also have lower frequencies available, these offer better seabed discrimination so scallopers use them to find the best scallop gravel.
  4. Try asking on trawlerphotos.co.uk
  5. The decommissioning scheme is only aimed at the biggest, high catching under 10s. No doubt there are some skippers that believe they can't survive on the quotas they are allocated (50kg/month for cod in the english channel is fairly common) so they will take the opportunity to get out of the industry. currently extra quota can be leased which is allowing some boats to keep their heads above water -this is stopping next year, so those boats will become unviable. The other interesting part is the restriction of 'low catching' vessels' licenses. This will effectively make them worthless to a full-time 'quota species' fisherman, and as such the value of them may drop. This, however, may make them more attractive to "RSA's" targetting bass, who can then buy a license relatively cheaply and start hammering the bass for profit.
  6. The most likely place to find a Gemini for sale is on www.findafishingboat.co.uk
  7. Ken - that's a seine net, some of our commercials use them. The two boats here that trawl full time for eels use a 'normal' trawl with otterboards.
  8. How come they use digi scales for weighing in comps? They're not accurate, the readings vary with battery power.
  9. How long was it? It looks similar to a 'two spot' goby, a UK species around as long as your little finger at most. Lots of them live in my marina.
  10. LOL @ Steve C's story! The commercials here get a lot of ray (mostly blondes), they wing them at sea; the wings are landed for human consumption and the 'ray backs' are landed in sacks and used for pot bait
  11. Conoflex do a couple of travel (3 piece) beachcasters that should be pretty good. Out of your price range though.
  12. Good that they were caught, but the toothlessness of the punishment is ridiculous! They were caught previously and fined MORE than this time, WTF!!!??? L'Ecume II is well known for fishing illegally, he's been caught doing it in Guernsey waters too. He should have his boat taken away from him!
  13. So why did you ask for lots of quota at the start of the year then? Don't complain about discarding when it's your own fault! Perhaps you should look for another job, or slip your boat for maintenance, or go for whelks like SG suggested? I know you're using ray/sole gear and still getting the cod you don't want, but surely you'd have had that last year - all those nice cod didn't grow from being undersized to the size they are now in a year, you must have seen it coming. Everyone is in pain with the amount of cod being dumped, but it's short term pain for long term gain.
  14. I think 'here' is Hastings given the 'hastfish' username, and recent articles in FN about Hastings and discards. ...and I think the Hastings commercial fishermen don't have a leg to stand on as the cod quota for <10m vessels in the south-east was raised for the 1st few months of this year at the request of the local commercial fishermen. They then went out and caught shedloads of cod thus exhausting the year's quota in about 3 months or something like that. Now they're complaining that they're not allowed to land cod. Muppets!
  15. I'd advise storing them laid flat or preferably hung up - creases tend to cause leaks, and with neoprenes they tend to fold over where the legs join the boots.
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