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    Fishing (bet your suprised!) and my very fast car which is.... well guess?
  1. Thank you for all advice, will be fishing for perch and carp. Will be going in a weekend or 2 so will let you all no how my winter fishing went..
  2. HI, 1 and all.. As I only fish during the summer months I am unsure of what baits are best to use now.. I float fish and i fancy going out in the freezing cold to catch me some fish!! I dont fish for pike! If you could give me some suggestions please.
  3. Michaela


    Hi Dave n welcome! You will enjoy this site cause its full of nutters, a few normal folk and me!
  4. I use grey one's and must say in low light I have to take them off cause I cant see paid £20 for mine cant remember who made them though. I'll have a look and let you know!
  5. I've got to agree with Peter, we need to get more strick with anglers which abuse lakes/ponds/rivers. As I have only been back to fishing for 3yrs now I have noticed alot of adults and children without the basic tools for fishing e.g. landing nets/mats, disgorger's scissors etc. 1 fella I saw caught a nice carp (had all the gear to land it safley) then left it in a landing net on the ground and ran off back to his car for a camera :mad: its things like this which will have fishing banned
  6. Dad's eh! They think there so cool showing you stuff, and we only remember the silly things that happen..
  7. Hello all! I first went fishing with my dad when I was about 5 (sea fishing) always remember when he caught a eel and as I was holding it some black stuff came out of the middle of it which I always belived to be sh.t Then on another occasion my dad caught a sting ray, he nearly had it then it came off my dad looking all pi..ed off and confused :confused: then something slapped the back of his waders and I can honestly say my dad ran ON water, never laughed so much in my life!!
  8. Michaela

    PB perch

    What a lovely fish, my pb perch was 2 pound (weighed) and yours does look bigger! Very well done.
  9. Bread is great but you need to use a loaf to feed the ducks before you can even consider catching a fish on the ponds/lakes i go to! If I ever find a place where i don't have to feed all of the ducks first I will have a go no doubt. Thanks for the reply. Ferret- If ever were your way I will take you up on that offer! P.S Have checked your web site out, your doing a grand job
  10. Ferret1959- vodka & coke then hemp for me mate haha
  11. Thats what I usually do wasn't sure how to hook them on because someone told me to also hook through the body but they kept bursting!. Thanks Anthony
  12. Thats brill ! Would love to see any pic's if you have them.
  13. Fenboy.. Try adding some coke to your vodka it may not fall of then! hehe. Only trouble is I hate worms (being a sissy girl n all that!) Don't have problems with maggots but worms errrr... Oh something else to ask, which way do you hook a caster on is it through the middle or the same as a live one?
  14. Hi Julian! love the scooby logo.. When you get to your venue have a really good look round, see if you can see the signs of carp feeding or good features that carp like e.g. under trees etc..Also try polarized glasses, depending on the water you can sometimes see them. Use a good ground bait to get a swim going. I have had success with a strawberry ground bait(crazy bait I think) Bread based 1's are good also. I tried a bait called 'nutty carp' and they went mad for it. Maybe your line and hook are too big which will spook them. You maybe knew all of what I've said (but maybe you didn't?)
  15. Back again!! Well everyone I have caught my first double figure carp 12lb...had 1 day off went fishing again and caught another!! Went to a different venue had a 10min fight with what i can only explain as a monster (at least 20lb) then lost it just before it hit the landin net! My addiction for catching the biggi's has started. All this was on nutty carp and meat. I will try all of these new things you have said and thanx for givin me some of your knowledge X
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