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  1. Well, float legering, double sweetcorn, popular swim, mixing groundbait, float went under, struck, and reeled in a nice 3 lb Tench, after a good fight of course [ 04. September 2005, 10:56 AM: Message edited by: leedsunited ]
  2. Large Farge in Westbury, formerly Blue Circle Cememnt works club ! Good fishing there, some nice carp and bream, oh and some nice Tench i think as well
  3. Yeah, they were my favourite non - caught fish, now they're my favourite caught !
  4. Caught my first Tench today ! A beautiful 3lb er ! Going fishing tommorow as well !
  5. Eaden Vale is the best fishery in this area i reckon, in Westbury
  6. Apart from this, getting to the bank and seeing others around you catching can cause a mistake when setting up, missing a rod ring when threading the line through, not putting line through bale arm etc ... Which seems pretty basic but fishing can do terrible things to a person!
  7. Well i want to do some spinning, but as i want to do it on a barbless hooks only lake, does the rule apply for spinners ? All the spinners i have have never came out of the box they were bought in by my grandad, nearly 40 years ago. I'm sure the hook are fine, but i will check before i use them. Trouble is all the hooks have barbs on them. What should i do ? Do all spinners have barbs on them when you buy them ?
  8. Do you prefer to set up your rods before you go ? Or wait till you get to the bank ? I have always set up when i have got to the bank, and 13 foot rods are a bugger to fit in the car. I know you can break them down, but doesn't this risk the chance of weakening the line ?
  9. At longleat middle lake you reckon it is a good idea to use a Flaurocarbon hooklength Waddis ? Thanks
  10. Went fishing other day caught some nice Roach and Perch. Got 8 1/2 pounds of them in about 3 - 4 hours ! But when putting my nets out to dry next day my dad has seen loads of scales in the bottom of my keepnet ! I wetted my hands before i unhooked the fish, and i took care with them so i don't know what happened. I think i'm going to stop using a keepnet unless i am fishing in matches. Also, i just want to say Perch are greedy ! I hooked two deep down and i think one may have died and one survived. My mate had two perch bleeding, so from then on i struck at the first sign of any movement on the float. [ 16. July 2005, 12:24 PM: Message edited by: leedsunited ]
  11. What i think would be a good idea is to just keep your desired fish on that day in the keepnet, put all other back. Otherwise if you are fishing a friendly competition or just pleasure angling, every couple of hours, especially in the heat, empty the keepnet. By the way i reckon that most keepnet damage is at the end when you are lifting them out, but there is no way to avoid that apart from not putting too much in there.
  12. Just to see what you think is the maximum weight a person should keep in a keepnet ? I think anything under 20 lbs anything after this and the fish could start to get hurt .
  13. Nice tench , my dream is to catch one !
  14. What length hooklength for an open end feeder for carp and bream ? And what size hook ?
  15. If you did that you would have to know the depth to set the float at though ?
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