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  1. You know it never ceases to amaze me why the up and coming carp anglers feel the need to cast long distances? New to carping and buying a bait boat what are the newcomers listening to today for goodness sake sorry but I could go on forever here but I wont (sad very sad)
  2. waveney valley lakes do not accept any touring vans at all now, which is a shame (great venue) but if you dont mind a short walk, then White acres Cornwall is an ideal fam holiday with tourers and statics all over the site, the fishing is excellent to boot
  3. I have been catching quite well on bloodworm pellets and a dumbell bloodworm boilie 14mil hair rigged
  4. million dollar questin JPL, I would only fish to the island, if I thought or saw them there? end of the day that's where most day anglers would chuck their bait..I reckon I would fish the margins in that scenario but,,if I see fish at the island and it was in catapult range, then it woud be a single bait on the hair and freebies every 20 mins or so..I would never fish a pva personally on a 24 hour sesh, but I know alot that do to success? difficult one mate, I would have to see the venue (IMO) [ 10. October 2005, 10:06 PM: Message edited by: Common 40 ]
  5. my pleasure JPL, also IF YOU HAVE THE TIME? fish beyond your desired range!! make the liners work in your favour, ie: I personally 9/10 times will cast on my first day of a long session, after the plumbing/leading around, much further than I intend, just to get a line bite! in the hope I can get the generall patroll route of the buggers. Then I will adjust my length all day till I am on um hopefully... (FISH FOR LINERS) it's another string to your bow especially in winter when visibility/movement/any showing signs/ are scarce? [ 10. October 2005, 09:52 PM: Message edited by: Common 40 ]
  6. Not a silly question at all JPL, I will fish slack lines without a bobbin in open water with sinking braid, but, if i am tight to an island or snag i would fish tight to my back lead ONLY.. and set my bobbin/swinger for a dropback bite very high and sensitive ie; pull the sliding weight nearest you if its a swinger (load the weight).... hangers, then add a little more weight than normal to it giving you dropback sensitivity .. but be careful not to wind in the slack to lift the back lead...if theres a sloping margin in front of you then forget the back lead go for a flying back lead instead..
  7. well mate welcome to AN [ 10. October 2005, 10:09 PM: Message edited by: Common 40 ]
  8. CHRISTIAN. C....I didn't realise that other sites were allowed to be promoted on here, and for that I appologise, however, attitudes won't get you far on here, I was not being rude to you, just observent and loyal to AN.
  9. I allways cook my own Andi, same with hemp I find it to be much more economical because I purchase in bulk, it would depend on the lake that I am fishing but, I tend to get through quite a bit during a weekend session.
  10. Hi Ron and welcome to AN. May I suggest you take a look at the gaffers carp clinic on here to give you the basics into carp fishing, then perhaps you could ask specific questions later when you have an insight...good luck. http://www.carpclinic.com [ 09. October 2005, 05:05 PM: Message edited by: Common 40 ]
  11. I use it on the hair either 2 pieces rigged or single rigged. I generally critically balance it with a small piece of yellow foam or fake maize. The loose feed would be maize or sweetcorn. I take the stuff everywhere when fishing mate, and I prefer it much more than boilies.
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