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  1. I've actually used my old golf trolley before - works quite well even on Chesil especially with the wide wheels! Only really useful though to strap my bag & shelter to though - still have to carry my rucksack on my back ...
  2. Myself & four mates will be heading out of West Bay on Saturday on 'Duchess II' so hoping for good weather! Anyone else been out on this boat/location ? Am looking forward to it as it's the 1st trip out I've had since April! I've got me ginger boiled sweets at the ready
  3. Thanks all for your replies! Some interesting ideas to say the least! Norrie - thanks for the offer - message on it's way to you!
  4. Do you mean this type of thing ? http://www.dam.de/katalog/html/englisch/da...rutenhalter.htm [ 26. July 2005, 02:16 PM: Message edited by: FearTheHands ]
  5. I'm after a rod spike mainly for keeping my reel off the beach while rigging up/un-hooking etc. Ideally I'm after a hinged/fold up spike that is very portable & light. I normally use a 2 rod tripod, but this is too big to cart everywhere when you are just feathering/lure fishing. Just want something I can stick in my rucksack ... Any recommendations ? Local shop only has one length spikes which are not ideal ...
  6. Make sure your stomach isn't empty - only time I started to feel ill was when I became quite hungry but was too busy to eat. Skipper told me to fill my stomach, which I did & instantly felt better ...
  7. Fascinating programme especially as they showed my village beach (Hive Beach) Interesting theory about the plague having started in Weymouth as well, I think I know the kebab house it that must've started it!!
  8. Weymouth is a good bet, there's an M&S right on the beach front there ...
  9. Bags are regional as well, Morrisons bags are plentiful here in Dorset with the odd Somerfield bag taken on a bank holiday. I've heard rumours of a Kwik Save bag being taken along Chesil, but I've got my suspicions it was really an Aldi bag instead. Do Morrisons bags die if you touch them with your hands & release them ? I usually shake mine off the hook ...
  10. This is the knot I always use & the only time it lets me down is if I've not tied it well! I would recommend buying the 'Sea Anglers step by step guide to bait & rigs' as it has lots of useful info for novices to experts. Well worth it at only £7 [ 19. July 2005, 08:59 PM: Message edited by: FearTheHands ]
  11. 14 Mackerel in the space of an hour feathering tonight (Sunday)
  12. Common sense appears to be prevailing finally regarding the daft new slip way at West Bay Dorset. The harbourmaster has now been given discretion to open the old slipway as & when the conditions dictate - should save a few people's boats being destroyed & damaged as has already happened. Might even help John & Zig evade the gaze of the grockles whilst trying to launch! [ 08. July 2005, 03:47 PM: Message edited by: FearTheHands ]
  13. They're definitely in where I live! I had 19 in a little over 2 hours fishing (1 hour each day) near West Bay, Dorset. 2 or 3 full lines as well. Most were joey's but had a good half a dozen for the table. EVERYONE was catching the evening's I was there, even the grockles!!, so I guess they're either there in numbers or or they're not there at all ...
  14. quote: I don't know what it is like in the UK mate, but there is one thing of which you can be certain - you will have to put up your present home as security on the loan and probably a pretty hefty deposit too! Not true. For 'buy to lets' you can get what's called a 'non status mortgage'. This means you are borrowing against the income that will be generated from your tenants. If you failed to pay the mortgage & the mortgage lenders were to foreclose they would repossess the buildings/land. No lender is going to lend out money that they are not going to see back if everything goes wr
  15. Oops, sorry I was assuming everyone would know what a 'pennel rig' was, my mistake: Basically it's 2 hooks on the same trace. Hook 1 is simply thread onto the mono while hook 2 is tied to the mono in the normal fashion. Hook 1 is then free to slide up & down the mono. Thread the sandeel onto hook 2 as I described. Then bring hook 1 down to the top of the bait (so the hook end is nearest). You then wind hook 1 around the mono 3 times & hook it through the bait (winding the hook secures it in place & prevents it from slipping). Even out any slack between both hooks by pulli
  16. Thanks for the heads up, I picked up a few of these when they had them in but have yet to use them.
  17. Although I've never caught a bass on frozen sandeel, I have had plenty of catches using sandeel in murky water mostly whiting & a few doggies. I caught my 1st ever bass on a lugworm & squid cocktail in decidedly murky conditions. I've even caught table sized whiting & pollack float fishing from Weymouth stone pier using half a frozen sandeel at night. They are my all round bait of choice without doubt. Presentation-wise I generally opt for snipping off the head & tail, threading the 1st hook thru the tail end until well over the eye of the hook, then securing wi
  18. Some airlines are funny about you using a CD player. I had an MP3 player that uses 8cm CD's. Whilst using it a stewardess asked if it was an MP3 player & whether it used a hard drive or CD, so I told her hard drive. I asked why it mattered & she told me you are now not permitted to use anything during the flight that uses a laser!! I've been using portable CD players for years on flights & have never heard of this before. It seems that some airlines are more anal than others - if in doubt contact them & ask them about their policies. [ 12. June 2005, 11:53 AM:
  19. Well done to sir Del Boy though
  20. [ 11. June 2005, 02:55 PM: Message edited by: FearTheHands ]
  21. More below [ 11. June 2005, 02:53 PM: Message edited by: FearTheHands ]
  22. Bass are quite often taken between the stretch between West Bay Harbour & Burton Bradstock so you are in the right spot. I caught my 1st bass from West Bexington a few weeks ago on lugworm & squid cocktail, so they are about People are also taking bass from near the new harbour at west bay, although it's not been there long enough really for it to be an established bass ground
  23. quote: Putting or cooking mackerel in water, even saltwater turns the consistency to cotton wool. Since when ? Perhaps you've discovered a new method of not being able to cook I can very much recommend simmering the mackerel in sea water. If cooked properly (hardly difficult) then they are fantastic quote: Old HFW is entertaining but never rated him much as a cook. Whatever he lays is hands on seems to turn to the same dark brown sludge. Considering you manage to turn mackerel into cotton wool - I think I'll take your opinion with a pinch of salt Any fish should always
  24. I think my mate summed up their music particularly well thus; "Bedwetting Music"
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