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    Yep ... Its fishing
  1. Thanks mate. I was just looking at that website as you replied (spooky !!). I have already ordered a TFG Compact Box which should be delivered tomorrow. Anyone interested in closed face reels. Go Outdoors are doing them for £43 plus p&p which is pretty good
  2. Yep, you maybe right, but i need to add £6-£8 postage ontop, so seemed an idea to see if anyone locally got one they no longer use
  3. A long shot i know, but if anyone has a Shakespeare Beta Seat Box (smaller one) they wish to sell and are local to Herne Bay in Kent then let me know
  4. I have owned these rods since new. They have always been stored in the house and been looked after. The Abu & DAM rods are gems in great condition imo. Silstar would suit beginner. Would prefer collection so people can see what they are buying ABU GARCIA PLATINUM MULTI TIP 6100 Quiver Rod. 10ft, 3 quiver tip sections, cork handle. Complete with original cloth bag. Owned from new. A lovely rod in excellent condition £35.00 DAM QUICKSTICK Leger Rod. Owned from new. 10ft, Cork handle, lined eyes, thin burgundy carbon blank, and threaded tip (for quiver and swing tips. Complete with original cloth bag Lovely rod in excellent condition. £35.00 Silstar Graphite 3553-330 Carp Rod Owned from new. 11ft, 1.5lb test curve. Full Duplon handle with collars. Lined green fuji type rings. Complete with originl cloth bag. Little used but duplon has faded a little in places £25.00 Cash on collection from Herne Bay in Kent
  5. Thanks for the response Budgie. I'll email you direct. If you dont receive let me know
  6. Hi folks. I've been lost to the world of carp angling for last 20years & hoping to step back into the world of coarse/match fishing. Things have obviously changed & i'm starting to confuse myself with the different type of advice available & i'm also struggling getting perspective on suitable sized & power of rods & reels etc My requirements are as follows River Stour in Kent (medium sized river) for small silvers etc. I have been considering the Shakespeare Mach2 XT Wand 10ft, but people are telling me i should really go for a 12ft rod. I am looking to use for light feeder & bomb work. Any thoughts on this 9acre Lake with Bream to 10lb & Tench to 9lb This is a little more complicated so please bear with me .......... I have a set of 1-3/4lb tc 11ft carp rods from the early 1990's. These are in superb condition, i have a certain amount of sentimental attachment to them, but the handle is to long so I am considering having 5" chopped off the butt section & corked (professional rod builder). My question is will a 1-3/4lb tc rod at 10ft 7" long be a compromise for stillwater bream & tench ??. I'm hoping to use feeder or PVA stocking to about 40-50 yards distance Then we come to reels. I have a set of 8000gte Shimano Baitrunners. Are these just too big for for stillwater bream & tench ?? I would appreciate anyone taking the time to read & offer some advice
  7. Thankyou ... i will search them out. I will also consider stillwaters but at a last resort
  8. Hi Folks. I'm looking for a campsite The ideal scenario is to have direct access to a canal that doesnt have a close season, that i can fish on a day ticket or for free Failing that, a river or canal that does enjoy a close season & i will have to go after 16th June Area - Anywhere thats within 2-3 hours of Kent. Campsite - Small & quiet would be the ideal (just me the missus & Dog in a tent), but must have at least showers & toilets. I can find very little in Kent so having to spread my wings a little. Any info gratefully recieved NB : I will also consider a stillwater as a last resort, so if anyone aware of any gems, where i can dangle my very underused waggler, i'm happy to take the info aswell
  9. I'm not sure what bivvies you guys are proofing, but i wouldnt let Thompson Waterseal anywhere near my Armo. Fabsil Gold is the only product i have confidence in & as is the only one recommended by Trakker & Aqua. £15 for a tin of Fabsil Gold is small price to pay on a £300 bivvy imo.
  10. For Sale : Korum Day Shelter - Apart from odd mud/dust mark in excellent & little used condition. Complete with original pegs, support bars & carry bag. These are excellent for day sessions weighing only 3.5kg & far more rigid than a traditional brolly/oval umbrella. No storm poles required, no banging head on brolly spikes & 2 different height settings £45.00 collect from Herne Bay, Kent Postage can be arranged but will cost extra
  11. Yes ... floating groundbait wouldn't be ideal :D I'm also after any suggestions that make rolling up multiple balls of groundbait easier (i'm thinking 100's of em' for the season)
  12. Due to having little warning that a trip is on the cards (same day sometimes) looking to pre-prepare & freeze groundbait balls at my leisure so ready to "grab & go" when i get the chance to get to the bank. I'm looking at making up a large batch of a groundbait mix, roll into catapult size balls & freeze for use throughout the season. Possibly based on Vitalin as understand this offers the binding & weight i would need to get the bait out, with brown crumb, hemp, chopped boilies & maize as the other ingredients. I'm open to suggestions for alternative binding ingredients if anyone knows a better one Interested to hear if anyone has tried & failed with this, or who has found it successful ??
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