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  1. And you have to ask “Who exactly is the clown?” Perhaps Boris, or perhaps the bloody clown who keeps putting up links to the YouTube channel of that idiot. But then again, since those links from our resident troll are undoubtedly contributing to his YouTube earnings of ninety odd thousand Pounds a year one has to question if he supports such enterprise, or if that somehow offends one or other of his other statements about capitalism or objections to a free market. But can somebody who is sat on his arse being paid a furlough by the Govt. he hates really comment on principles? Interesting discussion?
  2. HaHa, let’s really get a frivolous argument going, never mind a comparison between “indentured workers, slaves and those being forced to toil for food at the time of flooding.” That argument has been going on for several years, Who is right, who is wrong? No idea, ask two ‘experts’ and you will get two opinions. I take Ant’s post in the manner it was intended, personally I wouldn’t bother arguing Ant. BUT, I cannot allow your statement to go unchallenged Phone, Egypt is a trans continental country joined by a land bridge. I know this because like others on here I am a fecking EXPERT because I looked it up on google. Now bow to my superiority or I shall google fancy words to use against you or perhaps even speak French.
  3. Yep! Haven’t watched the clip, didn’t have to, the Latin in the top left corner is good advice that he clearly isn’t following.
  4. Here is an interesting, current link to FXSSI. https://fxssi.com/top-10-of-the-strongest-world-currencies-in-current-year You might find it helpful when reading the dribble product of some of ‘our own’ media. FXSSI do not need to sell click bait links to the gullible or indeed doom and gloom headlines to the mindless.
  5. Here you go Chesters to help you with clod’s postings, an advert I found says it can “Protect you from people constantly talking ****s.” It might catch on here on Anglers Net.
  6. Always is amazing when some are so easily influenced and led by cheap headlines intended as click bait to attract revenue or, quite frankly “LOB” postings on social media quickly shared without the ability or necessity to check on historical references to see the wood from the trees, but I had the same argument with a certain individual quite a few years ago that Chesters is trying to put across now. The 1958 example you have quoted (Not originated) and I have seen was NOT the ‘last example’ of such a display and, whilst I accept your argument that it is necessary to hold up a mirror to make a clown realise they look like a clown I think your cause is lost on deaf ears.
  7. Was it, “My Daughter has been to the Police and they want to talk to you?”
  8. You obviously have not heard the tale of Paddy with two arseholes!
  9. I had a similar experience Ant, very very uncomfortable and embarrassing, in actual fact I never went back to that Dentist again!
  10. Ken, they are mostly packaged by weight with an approximate number of gloves. They are identical gloves and fit either left or right hand. If somebody is anally retentive and needs to know how many “pairs” there are it would only ever be a guess, personally I think it is a waste of time arguing with an idiot, they are experts at being idiots and will attempt to drag you down to their level. Also please don’t quote him, it makes it difficult to ignore the dribble, not just for me but others on here. Thanks.
  11. You should all be grateful of whatever choice you made, I grew up on Army Barracks all over, my Father was a Regimental Sergeant Major, our choices of LP records were such things as ‘The Massed Bands of The Highland Regiments’ or ‘The Royal Marines Beat the Retreat.’ Only when ‘Amazing Grace’ was released did I become socially acceptable.
  12. I often like to quote people from history to show that the world does not change or evolve as it should. In this case that our resident troll is currently focussing on, I think the best one of the moment is a simple one “It is not necessary to understand things in order to argue about them” is the best, if clod does not have the intellect to understand that he is referring to two separate and distinctive sets of figures (total value of ‘health tourism’ against estimated cost of allowing a healthcare/NHS exemption) then that is his problem and not ours. He can carry on posting links to newspaper and obscure internet sites and repeat those same random ramblings without realising or even, in the full knowledge that most of us do not accept or contribute to his click bait links. Got my ‘Whitby Scampi” delivered today, going in the fryer tomorrow, have to see what it’s like but as long as it actually is whole tail Dublin Prawns (and yes, I do actually understand that they do NOT live, breed or whatever near Whitby but as always I support U.K. businesses). Interesting Clip on BBC News yesterday, a langoustine fisherman in Scotland now selling his catch to local customers! fancy that, who would have thought there is a market out there for people who wish to adapt. Also interesting is Tiggers clip on people smugglers, how is Nigel Farage able to charter a fishing boat to go out into the Channel? presumably they are able to stand two meters apart, CLOD can’t do that of course, he can’t go back to work and adapt to the rules, he can only sit on social media and copy paste things that he thinks support his view, whilst, (presumably) claiming a handout that the rest of us have to pay in the future.
  13. But only if penicillin has a gun, and if it does not have a gun then it should get one straight away and if it has a gun then it should have more guns! SORTED.
  14. If you wish to have a better understanding of Piers Morgan Phone enter “Piers Morgan fake abuse photos” into google and have a read how this now, apparent ‘expert’ and our resident troll’s latest ‘go to’ source of truth caused the endangerment of our Armed Forces that he claims his own offspring are now amongst its own elite hierarchy. The questions raised over testing numbers was eloquently explained in the U.K. Government’s daily briefing on May 1st, not, I hasten to add by a Politician (that most of us On here would not believe anyway) but by an Independent Scientist. The ONS decided and instructed the govt. how they wished the data on daily test numbers to be reported and the govt. complied. The watchdog of the ONS later decided they did not agree the data should be recorded in the same way, AFTER the figures were released! This of course has to mean that the govt. are ‘lying’ to thick shites like Morgan and, as you say, to boost his ratings he uses the rumour, speculation and innuendo to purchase troll food that is liberally spread around bridges where trolls were once confined to.
  15. Well, in my area certainly and I believe in most other areas the Water Company does both clean supply and effluent disposal. Recent studies into cocaine use also refer to it “in the water” The problem with the bit you quoted from Clod is the stupidity of people to understand what Boris says and that makes it Boris who is wrong because it fits the bias they have.
  16. Lots of different spellings of the same thing Martin, although you are correct I didn’t wish to confuse him with any known or accepted dialect. I deliberately chose ‘pigeon’ as they are, in the main, useless or at least little use to the countryside, expect the world to provide them with a living and spread crap all over the place.
  17. It’s really very simple if people bother to listen.
  18. If you need it Chesters, there are some good reference books out there on pigeon English!
  19. I think it’s between Barcelona and Cadiz, not sure though.
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