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  1. Ha! Just remembered that time when some bright spark opened an eBay account in the name of Tony Blair and was auctioning peerages. Fecking funny and fecking true.
  2. Agree with Chesters on this, I had a similar scare years ago when my children were young teenagers, I left them a video that thankfully never got shown. Cancer treatment has made massive leaps in recent years, a very good friend has a daughter who was diagnosed with an aggressive cancerous brain tumour when she was eight years old, Drs gave her six months to live, those words cut everyone down like a machine gun, words can never express those feelings. She is now 22 years old, every year she has all the scans and tests and every year the Consultant says “you know what I am going to s
  3. Oh, Mrs Von der Leyen, we have run out of chairs, perhaps you could stand there and try to look important or better still, go sit in the corner because nobody is impressed.
  4. You wouldn’t expect Chesters to read the Beano and take that seriously would you?
  5. Some of that is funny Bob but my fecking eyes hurt!
  6. Lots of spats going on in the EU over fishing it seems. Irish fishermen have been offered monies by EU for financial assistance to offset their loss in catch due to Brexit. France says Ireland is getting too much and wants a proportion of the Irish money to go to French fishermen who are losing more money because they are more badly affected by loss in quota. Denmark say their fleet is the worst hit so want some of the French money! Reports here say the U.K. fleet is down on quota due to Brexit. Surely they can’t all be right unless perhaps something else is affecting
  7. I think I’ve covered this in earlier replies.
  8. Easy reply for someone with a memory... Cabotage. No EU membership, no foreign vehicles carrying out haulage operations in U.K. exempt road tax, exempt Operators License, exempt U.K. minimum wage, cheaper fuel.
  9. Oh yes, obvious really, we should all move to France, we should have stayed in the EU because they are doing so much better than the U.K. From somebody who has given so much credibility to science repeating the crap coming from EuroNews contrary to the evidence that’s rich. Just about every (broad term) Scientist in the member states has publicly stated that the decision to pause, halt or suspend vaccine rollout of the AstraZeneca jab is wrong. If it is not supported by the scientific evidence there can only remain two reasons why the decision was made, Political or monetary (the ph
  10. There was a cafe I’ve heard about where the most popular item on the menu was spam, eggs, spam, bacon, spam, beans, spam, spam spam spam spam spam spam & spam.
  11. You’ll get mullet in full sea water such as harbours right through to brackish water where the fresh water from a river is running into a tidal area such as Newport (Isle of Wight) Quay or Wootton Creek, that being said they do tend to follow the tide in to feed on the mud as it covers, you will often see them literally swimming in less than their own height so the dorsal fin is breaching or only just under the water. Here is an article I book marked some time ago, give you some ideas but every where is slightly different. https://www.seaangler.co.uk/fishing-tips/advanced/articles/ho
  12. So let me try and get this right, in the run up to the referendum remain were quoting figures that ‘proved’ U.K. exports to the E.U. accounted for 47% of U.K. GDP. Now we are told that U.K. exports to E.U. have fallen by 40%. And the result is that U.K. GDP fell in January by 2.9%??? I think somebody has let Dianne Abbot work out the math again! I’ve said it before, as has Chesters, if a U.K. company sells goods transhipped through Rotterdam to a non member state they are not sold to the EU. according to some they are. Anyone wishing to argue? I’m still waiting for you
  13. https://www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/36060029-abe4-42ce-b3e7-71a1e5b27359 Test and Trace ‘working’ is a matter of perspective Chesters. I listened to the House of Commons select committee earlier this week where Dawn Butler quizzed Prof. Whitty on that subject, the link should take you (and anyone else) to his answer. It is about 11:27 into the recording. Butler fails in her attempt to discredit test and trace as a waste of money, BBC didn’t report that part but gave ample coverage to the Labour chair of the accounts committee the next day saying it was. Politicians playing
  14. That’s all well and good you quoting facts Chesters but just HOW do you account for or explain that Rangers have won the Scottish Premier League, see you can’t do it can you? Give me a while and I will find a video on YouTube posted by a troll weirdo who hates the Conservative govt, might not be about the same subject, but in my twisted mind I win.
  15. It’s an interesting read Martin, there was a brilliant two part documentary on National Geographic a year or so ago, can’t remember the title. The death toll is very much an unknown number ranging from 17 million to 100 Worldwide. Interesting that when the recent variant hit the ‘West’ was barely affected yet the Asian Countries who mainly were free from Spanish Flu got hit harder. Some are saying similar about COVID-19. The worrying thing for me is that the virus mutates to infect those not vaccinated or with immunity, the greatest source for the virus to replicate amongst will
  16. EU decides the best strategy is the “look what’s happening over there” policy and starts legal proceedings on 24 member states for failing to implement telecommunications legislation, those 24 states say “FFS we are dealing with a crisis”. France and Sweden subsidies their own airlines, RyanAir complain as it is against ‘fair competition rules’
  17. And a few carry on films I think, and I seem to remember recognising him in a few War pictures not just 633 squadron.
  18. Apparently, according to EH another example of climate change! FFS, nothing to do with the fact they spend the majority of their vast income on executive salaries and little on maintenance.
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