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  1. I've had something of a similar nature. One of my favourite pegs is a wier pool next to a ford. In the summer I can be merrily fishing away when parents drop off little johnny to go swimming. Fishing over. Can't stop them swimming, but I've paid a license fee to fish. they have paid nothing to spoil my sport.
  2. Richard is quite right. the holder of a valid rod licence, has the right by law to see the licence of another angler.
  3. I agree, I think it is down to the quality of the knot. I use the grinner and have never had a knot failure. Remember tenchy says he has used the half blood for years, so I would suggest his half blood is better than his grinner???
  4. Looks a nice river. Why are you fishing it in the closed season?
  5. Spud. I don't post much on here any more. But i do visit at least twice a day. I learn so much from other people's post. so don't stop. Please
  6. Bet it would be different if the boy was two years older than the girl!
  7. Funny world ain't it. went out Sunday with some maggotts and lobs. Lobs, when pack was opened were huge!!! Rigged up with a size 8 for the lobs and bagged up on Chubb, largest just over 5lb. so you never can tell
  8. Just buy a bait box. What's the problem?
  9. Is it my bad eyesight, or do others find isotopes not bright enough? I prefer to use the starlight single use type, you know, the ones you crack to make glow. Bright as a butten and glow all night.
  10. Followed Brian's advice and spooled my reel with 10lb braid. The reel by the way is a small Daiwa Laguna 2500. Now casts a treat. Went out today and caut 3lb chubb on verty first cast but nothing else Thanks Brian
  11. The rod I'm using is a daiwa sensor 8' It has written on it cw 7-35g. Is this the casting weight?
  12. I have recently discovered lure fishing. Caught my resonal best perch on first outing. Problem I am having is casting any distance. My spool is loaded with 30lb braid, a wire trace cos there are small pike present. The lure I am having most sucess with is a little Ondex spinner with the red tail feathers, so it's very light. Can anyone advise a set up which will assist me in casting this tiny lure further. Many thanks.
  13. problem with riggers is the toe caps. the steel will remain cold
  14. Why did i feel happier to punch Michael Jackson than Ben Laden?
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