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  1. welcome, have fun and you will get some good answers to your post soon, not just my twaddle
  2. Go on a Skate & Ray eggcase hunt for the Shark Trust. Why does the Shark Trust want you to record eggcases? In recent decades several species of skate and ray around the British coast have dramatically declined in numbers. The empty eggcases that wash up on to our beaches all year round are an easily accessible source of information on the whereabouts of skate and ray nursery grounds. The identification of these critical areas will enable the Shark Trust to propose conservation measures, in order to reverse the decline of these charismatic animals. So now’s your chance to contr
  3. Hi shaun, try this site you may get a decent quote from it you may not, but you swiped loads of places with one go
  4. Hoping today has been going a little easier for you. good advice on here, take it
  5. i am a stevedore, ropehandler and tugmaster driver
  6. Oh ****, what a predicament to be in I feel for you mate. As others have said, it was NOT your fault. I know that i can't type eloquently, but hang in there, it will be over soon. You know where we all are if you need to vent My thoughts are with you today and the family of the lassie.
  7. Congratulations from us two proud of you and chuffed to bits for you so when you coming up?
  8. just relax, i thought i had failed within minutes of my test starting as i stalled on my '3 point turn' which i then just thought ow blow it and carried on feeling much more relaxed. I passed and that was after not getting into gear staright away at a round about too - i didn't panic - so relax relax, relax, relax, easier said than done i know because i was sat on the loo for a whole hour before my instructor turned up to take me for my test lol.
  9. about flipping time too! will be good to see your name again flying all around the board
  10. definately let a bow develop for up here the amount of fish i don't connect with when trying the straight line is unreal it is almost 99% missed! with a bow i can connect to at least 80% of bites
  11. tugmistress


    so the tagging could be very important in that direction then
  12. tugmistress


    Good Question, how would you age a skate? do you do it by size and some clever mathematical equation?
  13. yeah but i am only just 5'3" so that's round! (and cuddly )
  14. Hi Billy no offence at all sweetheart i don't think there will be a second one unless something else drastic happens in my life (of which i think i have already had my fair share!) I am waiting to hear from a couple of publishers about getting it on the shelves in hard copy, but if nothing comes from that, then the proceeds of the ebook will pay for me to do it myself ( i hope)
  15. last time i was weighed was on the weigh bridge at work lol it does increments of 20kgs - i was 60kgs don't know what that is in old money
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