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  1. Steve , Got your message ok but my computer went down and being thick i've only just got it back. I would like to buy a couple of 2" vibro's and a couple of 1 1/2"'s iof you have them. your price is ok. Where do I send the cash? Sure I intend useing them, I don't have things just to look at. thanks. beezer
  2. Hi guys. Did either of you find the vibros you promissed? Beezer.
  3. The Itchen must have deteriorated since I was a keeper on that river. All those course fish! Where did they come from? When I was a lad the itchen and Test were strictly purist trout and salmon rivers.
  4. beezer

    Eel fishing

    Dont you people eat eel's anymore? A good sised lob worm on a sise 8 hook, when the float starts to move off give er time to take the hook and voila! Breakfast.
  5. Issn't it time we all stopped being such hipocrites We all hunt wether it 's for that specimen fish or for a fox. I'm sure that fish suffer just as much stress being out of water as a fox does being chased by hounds. I have poultry and have lost a number of duck and hens to foxes. If we kept the hens in where charley can't get at them where would free range eggs come from. WE need to control their numbers, especialy when towney dogooders are releasing foxes into the countryside that have no hope of surviveing without taking from farmyards
  6. At the end of the 60's I was a keeper on the itchen where pike and perch were taboo. I used to clear most of the pike by spinning so perhaps I'm just on a nostalgia trip but I sure would like to spin a vibro again. I remember kidney spoons with big tufts of red wool hiding the hooks as well.
  7. Thanks guy's. Ill look foreward to a post early in new year. As for kinks I used to drag them around on luron or draylon and probably thought the kinks were a feature of the line. I caught a lot of pike on them though . Vibros and makerel spinners.
  8. What we need is proportional representation.
  9. If we can deal before Feb it'll be good.
  10. Im looking for red/gold and blue/silver 1&1/2 in' and 2in'. They were about 2/6d when I bought my last one. what sort of price are we talking now?
  11. high quinny. Youre not from salop are you? the quinny brook run's just down the road from me
  12. Does anyone remember vibro spinners and has anybody got any they will part with?
  13. Perhaps it's to tell you which way round the hat goes.
  14. My Idea of what makes a true aqngler is someone who realy enjoy's catching his fish and then realy enjoys eating what he catches. Wouldn't eat chub though. Only ever ate one, like cotton wool with needles in
  15. beezer

    Big chub

    I used to do some ground work around Cadbury's plant in Herefordshire. There is a sewage setup on the site and after the water has been cleaned it run's down a small channel into the Lug. During my lunch breaks I would go and watch the huge chub which used to congregate at the outfall. I was told the chub were getting sugars from the factory waste. When they were feeding you could actualy touch them gently with a stick.I never got to fish the water but I still dream of what it could have been like to land one of thos big fish.
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