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  1. Barry Will call you in the morning and sort things out and send you some money etc,
  2. Thursday is fine for the deep hole, will give you a call about first reserve or the other boat, whichever way it is, I'll be doing both days so its do I take a chance on the reserve list or confirm a booking on another boat for the Friday, off fishing tomorrow but will give you a call to see what's best Be seeing Sean and Nick as well so be good to catch up
  3. Quite fancy this Barry, will give you a call later just need to check dates and speak to other half but I fancy a trip down
  4. Apart from Nick, anyone else doing the deep hole trip for conger
  5. Its all described in the Mirror article, he recieves letters in braille print, when he had a girlfriend she opened and read ordinary type faced letters Things like this are happening to disabled folk up and down the length of the UK in the name of this coalition government and its attack based policies on the defenceless and weak, welcome to the reality that is UK PLC in 2014
  6. On that particular day ticket stretch its 1 rod
  7. Plenty of firms get it wrong so its nice to be able to give praise when its due, well done Drennan
  8. They don't , neither Newt nor Phone ,to the best of my knowledge, have fished the Swale, both live in the USA (clue's in the address under their avatar's) , they're both just being polite I fish mainly on the Tees but have fished Bradford no.1 waters as a guest and they're cracking waters and they have a lot of quality river and still water to go at, if I was looking to fish the Swale more, then I would join no.1 as it represents really good fishing, Middlesbrough also have some very good waters on the Swale too but I guess it all depends where you live, how far you want to travel to fish
  9. Stop faffing about and join, BAA no.1 has some cracking waters on the swale with some very big specimen fish that you're after I'm not going to post on an open forum but they have lots of quality water too on the Nidd and Wharfe (I think)
  10. Don't forget mid March is closed season, last day 14th March
  11. I guess Thursday was a washout after all the rain then
  12. Looks like a good cause and worthy of support
  13. Problem with Avast, downloaded it from one of the hosts and it played havock with some sites, wouldn't let me reply on here and blocked access to my Hotmail account, uninstalled it and ran the usual sweeps and got rid of a couple of bugs that came with the download from the host site and downloaded Avast from another different host and bingo, no problem
  14. Question first, do you drive or have access to transport?
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