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  1. Hi. Like yourself I (and my wife) are classed as 'vulnerable' as we both have differing heart conditions and she is mixed race. The guidance for fishing is now quite simple. Yes it is ok to go fishing. Angling clubs have imposed their own rules in order to open safely to their members, so it would be worth checking with any clubs you may be associated with. Added rules apply to night fishing for many clubs too. The Angling Trust have some good information if you have not seen it https://joinanglingtrust.net/angling-support-hub-phase-one/ Although we are all allowed to go ou
  2. Do you know if the model or design of Fuji differs on the rods?
  3. That makes a lot of sense actually. I often hold the hook/hooklink in my left handand and give it a pull to straighten everything out and make sure the lines not wrapped or tangled. I wonder if the line is touching the tip ring s frame and getting a friction burn due to the acute angle. Edit: Note to self. Stop doing that.
  4. I've noticed the same thing on a few of my regular rods, although the only consistency has been the lines used. I'm not sure these modern low diameter lines stand up to much. I've often thought about going back to Maxima or something similar.
  5. The specs on the website state Fuji's I'm sure.
  6. Hi all, I have a Tench float mkIV which I love. I was thinking of getting an Acolyte plus simple because I like the look of it. How might the two rods compare? Just curious Thanks Phil
  7. Hi all, I'm looking around for a 9-10ft light avon type rod. Does anyone know of such a tool?
  8. Or youngsters who might not have the chance to otherwise partake in such a sport?
  9. Yet twitter and other such channels have been full of support and encouragement from both the angling and non angling public. I have seen plenty of posts from people stating they would love to have a go at fishing, had never thought about trying it before etc. It's not my cup of tea, angling show wise. Although it has become popular given only three episodes. I certainly cant see how it has done any harm to angling what so ever.
  10. He would fit in well here
  11. I take daily asprin, statins and clopidogrel..... Im 34
  12. I accidentally put too much water in my quinoa.... What's a girl to do!?
  13. My first pike hit 20lb.........scared the living pants off of me lol. Well done for being as prepared as you can, you look well chuffed! Summer pike fight like demons!
  14. Might I suggest that you Spend 50 quid of your 300 budget on books, dvds, magazines etc, watch and read these, then pop along to a tackle shop...........leave your wallet at home.....seriously. After watching and reading as much as you can, a chat with a tackle shop will make much more sense. Tell them what you want to do and where you want to do it. See what they have to offer, and how much they are charging for it. From here, you wil have a far better idea as to what you want to buy. * We can all say to you "buy XYZ with ABC" but it wont necessarily be the right gear fo
  15. Honestly, it has changed but not as some folk describe. There does not seem to be the shoals of silvers that once were. The chub are wary......even for chub. Ive not seen any otters but ive counted a grwat deal of cormorants. The big fish are still around, maybe in fewer numbers as they decline over time and are quite catchable. Empty, uncut banks, snags etc put people off, but I adore the place.
  16. Leave it in the sun to toughen up......its even better this way.
  17. I've no idea what you are fishing for, or how...........and I don't care.......I wish I was there!
  18. I know of at least two waters where these dudes are a nuisance, regardless of how you fish, or what you fish for. If its the size of a dinner plate, slip it back. If its the size of a dinner tray, weight it. personally, I have found that they like large chunks of meat, multiple corn, 10mm boilies and pellets.
  19. Just asking. Seems to be the general flavor.
  20. I'm going to ask the question that is on many peoples minds. What? Why should I care?
  21. Hey Phone, Its a 5501 c3. The side plates have "Made in Sweden" the Silver Abu Sheild and and Abu logo on each side. Other markings are around the frame which says "ambassadeur 5501c3" one one side and "The Original" on the other. ive just spooled up with some hefty braid that I found in one of my boxes 80lb bs lol, Using a light beach caster I managed an easy peasey 80yrds with a simple overhead swing. Some suitable braid and more effort and it'll sail. The no. stamped on the reel foot is 010712 20
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