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  1. Back here, just briefly, to answer the "conspiracy charge" above (a common charge, this one, in recent years, for me - just part of the endlessly aired, drugged-up, drunken, paranoid, incomprehensible, ego-maniacal Paul Boote charge that continues to go the Internet rounds). I have never been one for Conspiracy Theory, myself, though, it being the province of mostly sad sorts with over-worked imaginations, and of the Hard of Thinking (or both). However, when certain Internet Angling and real-world Angling Community responses (let's call them "stuff that goes down") vis-a-vis yours truly be
  2. "Don't let the predators get you." Thanks for reminding me of that, "matey". Leon / Newt / whoever: Please delete my AngNet membership. I can't find a means of taking my leave in "Controls", but am sure that you can rid your boards of my Red Rag name! Thanks.
  3. Indeed. And one wonders why. Earlier this afternoon, before I came back here and discovered all this stuff, I was walking a southern river, looking for barbel. I found them eventually, and was very soon joined by a man I hadn't met before who had clearly found them too. He had some bait with him, so in it went, and out came even more barbel. We chatted together wonderfully for almost an hour, exchanging barbel and fishing talk about lots of southern rivers, discovering that we knew some of the same people, watching the rooting, hoovering barbel and dashing, interloper chub all the time. A
  4. A slight matter of slow payment, then non-payment, then a major British sporting bookseller who simply would not do business with yours truly (i.e. pay the man who had conceived and initiated the project, and who had, it quickly appeared, rather had said project and its proceeds taken from him), indeed the entire the British fishing world suddenly badly badly 'off' PB and no longer speaking to him. It began very shortly after publication of 'Crazy River and the very complimentary comments in fishing magazine and national newspaper reviews about the quality of my writing, then continued to the
  5. As our North American cousins say: "K.I.S.S." - Keep it simple, stupid. No need for anything but a very simple rig for barbel until the fish themselves decide to get complicated.
  6. Such coolness and dispassion from you, now, Jon, on the morning after the night before. You made yourself look a ranting little idiot here last night, and everybody knows it.
  7. Oh, Jeep, you are a wag! If it will make you feel any better (difficult, on your present showing, though) - you know, help you get you through your frequent dark and shameful nights etc - I'll send you a pair of my previously worn, fish-heavy, "gay shorts" (signed, both front and back). Get back to me, huh?
  8. Indeed. As I said to Slodger awhile back: "Matter closed".
  9. Oh, Jeepie Boy (Do you mind if I call you that, Jon? You do? No matter.), get out now (delete, even), before you commit lasting, possibly permanent, personal and professional suicide. You know it makes sense (or perhaps, in your present state of mind, you don't...).
  10. Love the exclamation marks, Jeep (the sure sign of sad sack, defeated, desperado). I'll have them (and you), later, with some fava beans and little chianti...
  11. Two words to you, Resident Chippy Psychopath - P1SS OFF.
  12. No probs, Slodger. Matter closed.
  13. Nasty bit of posting there, Slodger. Ever considered a new name? "Running on Envy", maybe? I was doing the travelling and fishing thing a long long time ago - for myself, and for no-one else. I took a lot of persuading by "Angling" magazine back in the late 1970s to even write about my first India trip. I wish I hadn't now: it only gets me poisonous little missives from people like you.
  14. Meanwhile, in the U.S.A. http://www.castlearms.com/feathers.html#anchor296406 Tigger, Remember a good blue Macaw tail or two for me for the above tip-off... PB
  15. I got the wrong man - I should have addressed the above to Tigger. So... Tigger, What I said to Glenn still very much applies: I'm in the the market for a few blue tails... PB
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