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    All round specimen angler although Predators do get me going the most! Supporting the mighty Norwich City (Season Ticket Holder)
  1. I have a lot of unused kit for sale as a job lot on Ebay for anyone interested, if you want to make me an offer on here Id rather do that to save on fees! Anyway item number is: 121287517006
  2. Sorry for the delay in replying, I have been away on my holidays I wasnt being rude. Thanks for all your help, luckily the handset is still on E Bay so I will bid on it, just need to get my head around what to do once I have got it!
  3. Just thought I would share this picture with you, its a cracking 40lb 2oz Mirror landed from Celtic Lakes in Leicestershire. I am the fishery manager so its a plug really but i am dead chuffed we have done our first fourty, cracking fish.
  4. Thanks for the reply Si, sounds expensive and complicated! But I will give this info to the local model shop geek and see what he says!
  5. Can anyone please help, I have got a Microcat Mark 1 baitboat but unfortunately no handset ( long story involving my big feet and 20' of water ) I have contacted angling technics who have advised me that it is no longer available and that I would need to upgrade at a cost of £180 If anyone knows were i can get a second hand set please let me knowm, maybe there is a spares or repair jobby somewere?!
  6. I did in the past have reservations about Pike matches, however as long as they are stewarded in a correct manner and the safety of the fish is ALWAYS put first they are fine. In the British Pike qualifier we had a few weeks back I had 1 steward for every other angler, every one of them good pike anglers themselves ( 5 of us are level 2 ADB coaches) The anglers were, especially the less experienced, advised on various bits as the match unfolded and a great match was had. I am a lifelong Pike angler with many years full time fishery management experience and would NEVER even consider putting th
  7. Hi all, just a quick note to let you know that there are places still available for our first predator open match on 26th November 2011. The match is a £350 winner takes all event with the added bonus of some fabulous back up prizes kindly donated by our sponsors Walkers Of Trowell, the prizes will include lure rods, lures amongst others. The event is unique with Pike, Zander and Perch all counting towards the total weight. The draw is at 0700 at the clubhouse were tea and cofee will be available. Fishing will be from 0930-1530. A full list of rules, entry form and more information is avail
  8. What the hell are you lot suggesting?? I am actually the coach in the article and I did lose the tackle as reported! I was not insured so if you are suggesting that it is an insurance job then there will be some law suits brought against all of you! I am disgusted by the attitude of anglers on here, I lost over 150 whips, 100 sets of rods and reels, nets, seat boxes,terminal tackle and hundreds more bits and pieces ON TOP OF THAT i lost all of my own tackle, all top quality tackle including Carp, Pike and general tackle. I am a full time fishery manager and have been for many years, I am also
  9. I once dropped my Delkim TXI sounder box into the River Thurne Nr Potter Heigham, I had it clipped to my breast pocket and as I leaned over to net a small jack pike it came off and plunged into a freezing cold river! I spent ages with my net scraping the bottom but despite about 2 ton of silt on the bank no joy, in the end I stripped off and went in after it, I did eventually find it but the freezing January temperatures had taken their toll and spent the next week with terrible flu! I certainly wouldnt do it now thats for sure!
  10. It came out yesterday afternoon aroun 5pm, it was taken on a small deadbait Roach. The Zeds are averaging 12-13lb so far this summer.
  11. Just to wet the apetite a bit there was a 12lb 8oz Zed out of the lake yesterday, a real cracking fish.
  12. I went Tench fishing when I was younger and had forgotten my tin opener, of course I attempted to cut the tin open with an old blunt pen knife and ended up slipping and slicing the top of my thumb open on the razor sharp lid, 17 stitches and LOTS of blood later I had learned a valuable lesson!
  13. Hi all, I thought I would let you all know about the Predator Open match series at my fishery at Celtic Lakes, Frisby Nr Melton Mowbray. The match is exactly what it says on the tin with Pike, Zander and Perch all counting towards the total weight. We have a winner takes all prize of at least £350 plus we have tackle prizes for biggest fish on the day. The match is being covered in Pike and Predator magazine. The lake is 40 acres and contains lots of pike to over 20lb, Zander to 15lb and Perch to 3lb. The Lake has an unbelievable amount of features including, Islands, Bays,Snags, reed beds, l
  14. You would be welcome to some if I still had the place.
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