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  1. I recon your pictures are great!
  2. Where can I buy some loaded floats?
  3. Big Troot


    Rainbows, Brownies and sea trout in small lochs and big rivers.
  4. What are the best Rapala lures for trout?
  5. Big Troot


    What are the best Rapala lures for trout?
  6. My mate caught a rainbow trout on a small shad when we went to the loacl pond
  7. How do I go about catching maggots?? I saw at a trout match that the winner of the biggest bag had used them. I came secound in the biggest fish again he came first.
  8. I've seen 'um take ducks and saw one right under a jettie while fishing!
  9. Went fishing today and caught 12. Yesterday ... 1!
  10. No I dont wear sandals and quorn to me tastes like squirril turd. How do you know what it tastes like??
  11. what fish can you catch and what are the best methods of catching um from h and ps.
  12. What line strenth?
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