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  1. Even if you were right. And you are not, that still leaves a great disparity between Greenland and the UK which some would find insulting and others amusing given the current state of your own country. Where exactly is your naval battle group - have they managed to locate it yet? Will they actually build 'The Wall'? And how many of Trump's other election promises will actually materialise? The USA is going down the pan without a plan, whereas the UK is taking steps to avoid being dragged down within a failing EU. It never ceases to amaze me how little that you know about UK & European
  2. How exactly? Interesting article here: http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/french-presidential-election-a-battle-of-left-right-extremes-a-1143745.html It debates KenL's question of what would happen if MLP and Mélenchon got through to the run offs. The one likely result either way is Frexit And if Frexit follows Brexit then there will will be some really cheap office space to let in Brussels and Strasbourg. What I like about the Spiegel's articles is the sheer ignorance of the public's opinion of the EU. The Germans are carrying on regardless because being in the EU suits t
  3. With a nuclear arsenal, the fifth largest economy and the world's leading financial services provider, plus a spy and information network that is the envy of most countries I don't really see your comparison with Greenland. As for the last paragraph; any city these days could be obliterated in a micro-second. But I said built, not destroyed. You can't build a city in a day. And to make the last killer move in a chess match the player has usually followed a four, five or more move plan. The British GE isn't a knee-jerk reaction. It is one part of a multi-stage plan designed to achieve the d
  4. Yes, I know. But as he is still several points behind I was giving an alternative and probably more likely scenario. The US elections were between two unelectable candidates. The French elections are between four unelectable candidates. It is a strange situation.
  5. Interesting question. If Macron and le Pen are the two picked for the run off then it will come down to a pro-EU candidate who along with a German politician has published a platform advocating a continuation of European integration. They advocate the continuation "of structural reforms (like labour market), institutional reforms (including the area of economic governance). Or an anti-EU candidate with a clear mandate to hold a referendum on EU membership and limit immigration. The French election could come down to a simple decision on EU or no EU.
  6. Why would anything to do with Brexit make waves on your side of the pond? It doesn't make much news in EU countries let alone America. Regards progress; You cannot expect there to be speedy process given the slim majority of Brexit and the intransigence of the monolith that is the EU. Remember that every one of the 27 member countries has to vote and agree on every issue. Given that two parties such as the Democrats and Republicans in the same country cannot agree on anything how can you expect 27 different countries with different needs to agree to everything? It would seem that TM ha
  7. Western European countries simply cannot continue to absorb the current levels of immigration. They haven't got the jobs, schools, health services, etc, etc to cope with uncontrolled immigration. As such the chaos of homeless, unemployed migrants sponging off the state for ever, schools being over run with non national language speakers and health tourism would reduce if migration was controlled beyond that currently allowed by the EU. Terrorism would also reduce on the basis that most of the current attacks in France, Germany and Sweden were carried out by newly arrived immigrants. It wou
  8. The NF is the only party that cannot fund itself using bank loans. Banks won't lend to them. As a result they have to raise money elsewhere, usually dubious sources which leaves then open to criticism from less then neutral commentators such as the BBC. Two years ago in the interim elections the two main parties conspired to field just one candidate between them for each seat thus reducing the chances of the NF winning any seats. This year the the first round is too close to call. But the French then vote for one or the other of the two who got through the first round. There is a sayi
  9. Sounds like a place to avoid. I felt crowded out this afternoon when I discovered another angler on the 2Km of river bank I was fishing. You can fish 15 feet with a waggler using a sliding arrangement providing that the float stop or stop knot will pass through the tip rings of the rod. You just have to cast further than your baited spot to allow it to come back towards you as the shot pulls line through the float's eye.
  10. Researchers in various countries studying tench using electronic tracking devices found that in daytime they are sedentary and favoured weedy areas particularly rushes and lily pads. They migrate in winter to deeper, more muddy areas, but spend the warmer months in shallower water. Given their natural diet I would be looking in shallow, weedy bays for signs of them. A lot of large still waters are fed by streams and rivers and these are often bordered by shallow, muddy areas. If you can find one of those areas that are on the lee side of a warm wind, i.e the easterly and northerly banks then t
  11. Sorry, I assumed from your opening paragraph that you were targeting carp on larger waters instead of easier small waters. Can't help you much with tench in large waters as it isn't anything I've done in the last thirty years or so. Last time I went for tench in a large still water was in Ireland. The only thing I can say with any confidence is that they aren't as nomadic as carp and bream and when you do find them you've found them for good. Or certainly for a few months anyway and they will be back there again the same time next season. Best of luck.
  12. If you are just fishing for a few hours rather than bivvying for several days then you don't need much bait and what you do put in is best in a small area around the hookbait. I steam the maize and hemp in a pressure cooker then dry it off with cornflour and ground hemp so it will go inside a PVA bag or sleeve without dissolving it. You don't want to be driving the fish away with an intense spodding campaign if you are only going to be there for a few hours. The cornflour and ground hemp gives a cloud of scent and it only involves one splash as the weight, hookbait and PVA bag all go in togeth
  13. I tend to fish larger waters and can understand your frustration when it comes to locating the carp. You are right about finding them rather than hoping they will find you. The way I go about it is as another poster has mentioned use the weather conditions along with the time of year to narrow down the choice. Then its out with the plumbing rod and thermometer to get an idea of the depth, type of bottom, weed and any other features. Also a pair of bino's helps locate bubbling carp or those porpoising. There is no substitute for time spent reccying the water unless you have solid information fr
  14. I have a similar Korum brolly. It has the adapter so the pole can be screwed in to the top at an angle. I'm not impressed. The brolly itself is fine when used normally. But trying to screw the pole into the head at an angle is a real pain. The threads don't seem to align properly, neither do they when returning it to the normal straight position. I end up with the brolly head upside down (whilst fully open) trying to get the threads to catch. In gusty winds this is a real pain.
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