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  1. Let's be honest, spear fishing in shark waters is inviting trouble, especially when great whites had been seen in the area, if you take that kind of risk you have to be prepared to live with the consequences.
  2. I had an earlier grauvell duplicate helical 4500 and it was an excellent rod. Do you use a tapered shock leader that will reduce the knot size?
  3. Just found this sad news this morning, my thoughts are with you Newt and your family. RIP Jan
  4. I have read this with interest but there are as always gaping flaws in the non-smoking opinions ( I am a non-smoker) If we look at self abuse let us look no further than the devil drink alcohol which currently is proved to cause more road accidents than smoking, so in sane thinking one should firstly ban alcohol to avoid one of the most dangerous road activities I would be the first to agree that smoking damages ones health, but providing it is not effecting anyone else I can see no good reasons for banning it in cars. Then we have to look at enforcement, the dear old plod have far to much on their plate already with real crimes, hell if I had a pound for every person I see on a daily basis driving with a phone clasped to their ear I could take a whole bunch of you on a damn good fishing holiday on a monthly basis. And yes they do cause lots of accidents. As I see it smoking tobacco is not illegal as it is sold openly over the shop counter and the government rakes in a hefty tax from it's sales so for politicians to stand up there saying they are protecting peoples health is a total load of rubbish, it is purely look at me what a goody goody I am I hate smokers.
  5. Hi Chester I got side tracked by a tv, however my Corel Photo software can open psp files, I am thinking along the lines of the burner I used. I was having a lot of nigs with the old pc and burning disk was one of them so I down loaded some software on a trial basis. Now I am wondering if it stitch me up, I will try and locate it.
  6. No just a plain LED with a built in freeview, the old plasma was wired on the same cable from a dish using a Fortec box hence the screw fitting which I removed. Now as we are only two miles as the crow flies from the mast I thought the same as you apart from the fact that when I set the tv up it was connect to the dish we use for sky.
  7. Our plasma TV pack in so the kids got together and purchased us a 42" LED with five years cover bless them. Now you might wonder where the mystery lies so here is my dilemma. We have a satellite dish and a cable into the TV, the cable was too short for the new box so I got out an extension lead. I had to change the end on the main cable as it was a screw fitting, no big deal. All done run through setup without a problem and setup the 70 or so channels. Loverly picture away to go, not so wife said the picture was breaking up went back and sure enough if you played with the lead the picture froze or just started breaking up. I was a little surprised but hey ho even I can do a bad job so I pulled the cable apart at the connection to check my handy work. now at this point I expected the picture to vanish, no aerial no picture, not so perfect picture, flicked through the channels still working perfectly. So don't mess with a good thing, madam is out there watching the box with out an aerial Now call me stupid if you like but how the hell does that work?
  8. Hi Chester Since posting I have established that it is the way the info was burned, I tried opening the dvd with my Corel Photo Paint Pro which have virtually every pic file type ever created on it and it cannot open it.
  9. Before I began my epic journey of building a new pc and up grading my software I backed up a large number of pics onto a dvd and a load of music onto another dvd, at the time I was using win7 32 bit. I am not to worried about the music that was just a series of folders with programs of music in each taken from my cds, the pics on the other hand have a large history of my fishing years plus a load of pics I use for my web sites. Both dvds show that they have the info stored in properties but neither will run on my 64 bit system. When I recorded them I selected use on any pc. Any advise would be graciously received. Silly me I rebooted into the 32 bit O/S same problem. Could it be the program I recorded it with?
  10. I tried doing uninstall and reboot but it kept installing the wrong driver automatically, if you uninstall the driver and don't reboot it vanishes from device manager. So after it reinstalled incorrectly I right clicked and chose update driver software from the first menu and was able to install the correct driver from there, don't ask me what the difference is or why I even tried that route but it worked. 32bit is now online and the win7 registered, left it on up date. Your 100% right about update driver being very tarty. Thanks again
  11. Many thanks for your reply, I had down loaded that driver but had tried to install with up date, I will try the route you suggest. I have Win7 home premium 32bit and Win7 Ultimate 64bit.
  12. If you get pulled they will know whether you are insured or have a license before your wheels stop turning, far better to leave it at home than have it nicked along with all your cards when you loose your wallet, the driving license would give the finder all he needs to give you some real problems.
  13. I created a dual boot system as I have a few older programs which require Windows 7 32bit o/s. I failed to make an Internet connection but it was not essential on the 32bit system, however I am now getting lots of MS reminders to register my Windows 7 software and telling me I have an illegal copy. In device manager the realtek rtl 8102e/rtl 8103e family pci-e fast ethernet nic has a yellow astrid along side and despite deleting and reloading it is still giving a code 10 error. I have tried uploading the latest driver and it tells me I have the latest driver installed. I have visited the Win7 forum and no one seemed to have an answer, 167 views and no replies, I have checked my under arm and all is well so I put my isolation down to their lack of knowledge. This is stopping me setting up a connection to my wired router which is working OK with my 64bit o/s. Thanks for any advice.
  14. Well I have the new mouse and it works well to date, I have used it on the cad system without a problem, however I must start a new thread as I now have a software problem
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