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  1. Hi Si. I e-mailed Steve earler in the year and he confirmed the date for me....Saturday 12th to Monday 14th May. Fingers crossed.
  2. Hi Richard. Like you I visit rarely nowadays, Hope you are well and glad you have sorted out your retirement. Maybe we will bump into each other an the Beult or Medway next season.( or Wingham this May ) Stay lucky.
  3. Hi Martin. package arrived last week, many thanks will post your godiva tomorrow.
  4. really missed last year, hope I get a place next year. Have a great Christmas Steve /Peggy and all the crew.
  5. Happy to take a mixed bag also Martin.
  6. Unfortunately I couldn't make it this year,( thanks for the call Steve ) well done to everyone who caught sounds like it was a real grueller . Hopefully next year.
  7. Tis a dangerous site, before you know it £40.00 gone ? just like that , some genuine stuff on there but you will buy stuff you probably won`t use. Box is cute though.
  8. Fistly can I thank everyone involved with this years fish in, no matter how hard the fishing the aura of this place alone is worth the visit. Thanks for putting me in a fabulous swim Steve apologies for not making better use of it. ( BTW I did not have a 3lb Perch Steve- I had 2 x 2lb Perch and one slightly bigger @ 2lb 4oz and a smaller one) . Tackle auction- what a great Idea,well done Dave.
  9. Happy birthday Dave, 80 ? must re read your book again.
  10. at least one of Peggys burgers, sausages , jacket potatoes and if theres any going a rib or two will not go amiss.
  11. KAYC

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    BTW Tony, until this year I had never used a fly rod even though I have had one for years, went to the same lake with it and had great fun "practising " almost one a chuck.
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