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  1. Looking forward to it Steve and thanks for your generosity.
  2. Hi Kieron and welcome, quick question for you.... do we all qualify for permanent members discounts now ?
  3. saw a small pike take the last of a line of ducklings in a small cut off the Bure right under my nose in 3 foot of water, also saw a full grown duck battling to free itself from something in a boatyard basin on the thurne, it got away but my wife had cast her livebait to the spot and in under a minute had a run that produced a 21 lb pike !
  4. if we are booking swims then the point would suit me fine again, seriously I would be happy to fish anywhere were I lucky enough to get a spot this year.
  5. Hi Barry, you could try the Medway at yalding,you can park by the Anchor pub and just across the footbridge outside teapot island is a disabled swim for wheelchairs,it is a bit high but the river holds plenty of fish.
  6. bugger !! just followed tiggers link and purchased a set, still happy with the price if they do what it say`s on the tin.
  7. what an interesting topic, please keep us updated and I certainly wish you well in your fight. maybe we could organise a fish in
  8. think that stretch is known as woodbastwick, stuffed full of fish,you can catch on float even with heavy boat traffic ( im on one myself next week lol ) you just need to fish slightly over depth with plent of weight spread down your line and hold back hard the bites can be tiny hit everything that does not look normal once you get used to the pattern of waves. avoid maggot and use corn for the better fish. good luck
  9. http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c278/rea...gham2011061.jpg biggest of my three tench 9lb 6oz
  10. on my way back down the path from the water I had a large dog fox trotting along in front of me without a care in the world and a bunny in its gob, just as I reached for my phone / camera it went to cross in front of me, thought better of it and departed into the left hand hedge. maybe your culprit Elton. As the others have already acknowledged may I add my gratitude to all involved, Steve,Peggy ,Glyn, Terry, Sam, Anderoo, Richard,Steve , Paul, All the syndicate members. What a fabulous gesture you all make every year. THANK YOU ALL :D
  11. Absolutely excited, where do I start, Some thieving toe-rag nicked me chair a while back,I think after my visit to redmire when I cast three rods and awoke to minus 8c and a solid lid on the place. 400miles a few quid and 3 casts ? anyway as I only really brought my bivvy and bed etc for the chance to fish Wingham I didnt really notice the buggers had nicked me bed as well,I think I left them outside me garage one sunday. chair and bed replaced I am soooo glad I am gonna get the chance to use it this weekend,that said this would have been the first time I could have made the full weekend,i a
  12. be float fished lobs then Leon.
  13. mixed feelings on this one chaps,can see both points if view but if I am honest would I take up the opportunity given the chance, you bet at least it hasnt got a name yet.
  14. gobsmacked, fabulous fish.really hope i am fortunate enough to get a place in may.
  15. done, unbelievable !! selfish tw**s
  16. Hi rebz7, welcome to anglers net.Cant help im afraid but someone on here must be able to offer some bits for you. come on guys .
  17. got the one man, same problem solved by getting the wife to do it
  18. As most of the pin addicts on here like to actually fish, the question in my mind is.... if you could bid and win this magnificent reel would you actually use it and if so would you use it on your local bit of running water or save it for a trip somewhere special to you ? Maybe if we all put £50 in we could do a time share, Bags all of Feb.
  19. seem to be a shortfall again with southern venues ?
  20. I think it is still police club only, however there are some lakes at the end of the dual carriageway that belong to orpington and district that used to be great fishing and also used to let you fish the upper medway on a guest swop, right by tesco and info on the gates. The cray itself has a few spots worth an afternoons trotting.
  21. well,I did it... I drove the 200 miles to Redmire,set up and casted three baits into it`s magical water. cooker wouldnt work,bivvy heater wouldnt work, froze me bit`s off over night with - 4 degrees and ventured out of my bivvy at 8 am to find the place had a lid on it,completely frozen, packed up and drove the 200 miles home. worth it ? course it was although the wife has given me some grief.
  22. filmed by the beeb and photographed by me at wingham. thanks for the feeders.
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