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  1. I`ll make a call tomorrow and find out.
  2. fishery rules are nobody on the river before 9am however I have spoken to Lyndsey and explained that we come from all corners and she is allowing us on from 8am please respect this. No worms or brandlings and we have been asked to keep to the path along the river and keep clear of the soft stuff ! really looking forward to this now
  3. congratulations Rudd, sounds like the cream came to the top, size 24 hmmmm remember fishing those on the lee at broxbourne but with age and perhaps wisdom I have to wonder why !!
  4. no problem this end, could you pm Leon to sort out monies and look forward to seeing you on the day.
  5. Just in case you may be interested and havent seen Leons post, he is unable to make the fish in @ the Itchen, please reply to post as well as Leon if you are interested, thanks.
  6. O.K guys I think I have worked out the cheques that arrived without usernames and can I thank you all for sending them, it means I dont have to miss a trot on the day ! I can confirm their will be 15 of us and they are: Andrew Budgie Anderoo Rusty JV44 Arbocop Steve Walker Leon Tincatinca Richard capper Cyranne12 Goosequill Will Wilkinson Jigotai and me please familarise yourselves with the rules of the fishery and there is a map of the fishery on their site.
  7. Travelodge are doing £19.00 rooms at Sutton scotney on the Sundayif anyone is interested ? limited availability
  8. some sound advise from the guys for you tangledreel,I would try and borrow one first and if you dont get on with it wait a while.You might want to get hold of a good closed faced reel to start with and then progress to the pin and you will appreciate the skill and satisfaction from using one. tight lines.
  9. anyone know who holds the rights for the stretch of tiese near laddingford on Moors farm ? old LAA water and has been controlled by downham tackle a while back, used to be a cracking winter venue if you could manage the walk !
  10. thank cyranne12, actually received your cheque this morning, could anybody still to post me their cheque to me please add their user name for me , I would like to finalise payment by January the 16th when I will also confirm final numbers . Have a great christmas break everyone.
  11. Yes you are right Rusty,you can drive to your swim but beware the soft grass !!
  12. I think Lyndsey has a point Leon,did you notice the quick survey attatched ?
  13. o.k i have just spoken to Lyndsey and we will be able to fit everyone in so NO reserves !! the list is now closed
  14. O.K. sorry I havent updated this but I have not been able to log on for over a week now !! if I havent contacted you please pm me for my address so you can forward payment via cheque, ( 22.00 ) if you havent fished there before trust me it`s worth it. we do have over 15 names so I will list the reserves in order at the end of confirmed names,I will also speak to lyndsey as I am pretty sure we can go slightly over. confirmed names are: me budgie andrew rusty jv44 steve walker arbocop lyn chavender ubat tiddlertamer richard capper cyranne 12 goosequill anderoo 1st res
  15. Just had Heidi from Timsbury on the phone requesting we park on the metal road,single file as the path`s are a bit muddy. The good news is the fishery is in good condition with a tinge of colour and fining down nicely and has produced all week on a personal note it has been doubtful I can attend all week due towork commitments but I have just been given a glimmer of hope and am 90 % hopefull I will attend,for those that have confirmed their places for the Itchen they can pm me for payment details or if our paths cross Sunday they can cross my palms then.
  16. O.K.Guys / Girls, looks like we have 15 at the moment. me Anderoo Goosequill (tbc) Budgie Andrew Tiddlertamer Lyn Ubat Chavender Rusty Jv 44 Steve Walker Arbocop Richard Capper Cyranne 12 Will confirm the booking and find out if there is any stretch in the no:s allowed, any more interested party`s will fill any places in the sequence they post. Elton or any Mod, would be grateful if this could be pinned.
  17. O.K guys seems there is a bit of interest for a week day fish in so I have spoken to lyndsey and she can accomodate 15 ish anglers on Monday 22nd of feb, She has kindly held this date for two days to see if we can get the required no;s the cost is £22.oo per person. lets see what we can do, names please.
  18. Strong possibilty I am going to have to pull out of timsbury but would be up for a Monday trip to the itchen.
  19. Blimey,have we paid all this money to fish with a load of toffs !
  20. just been browsing fleabay and have came across these, must say they look very good, apparently designed for hair- rigging
  21. Me to, missed last year, did we have one ? come on someone take the bull by the horns ( and can you make it a Sunday pleeese )
  22. For those of us that may stay over saturday, Travelodge are offering rooms from 6am tommorrow at £10 per night . Just checked the site, rooms are rarer than a 2lb roach at Timsbury !!
  23. good looking site, added to my favorites and sure I will use it. ( particularly like the description of fine float inserts " so sesitive a fish fart will register " )
  24. KAYC

    It's a SIX

    To echo everyone else, well done mate and sooooo much more satisfying than ledgered luncheon meat !
  25. O.K. last night I had a dream- rain on the wednesday before the fish in leading to a mild overcast weekend , light southerly ( not enough to blow the trees down Leon ! ) river and carriers fining down and carrying a lovely colour after wednesdays rain and a mild Saturday night. The fish are gonna go balistic. so.......................... up for grabs for the biggest Roach over 1 & 1/2 lbs is a brand new 2.5lb test curve carp rod photos and witness please..
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