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  1. As an avid e-bayer who looks for deals weekly on e-bay but who is increasingly becoming tired of scrolling through pages of tat I recently looked on "our" for sale site, I wll now make this my first port of call when topping up my tackle needs !! If you like me , only click on the coarse or carp / sea sections have a look there are some great deals, ( check out the Harrisons GTI on sale from Medway green ! ) o.k I know the guy but was unaware he is selling it but if I was looking for a new rod this is a snip and yes if it sells I will expect commision !!
  2. new xmas offers now . ( back to the top ! )
  3. Been checking met check then have you Dunk ?
  4. I believe it is Budgie, I was also under the impression it was treated to prevent it germinating. apparently for it to be " any good " you would have to re -grow several plants from the initial seed ?
  5. Re my previous post, Whoops !! Having looked at the weekly last night the pic on the front is of the claimed record matching fish, clearly not a Rudd, ( hint of hybrid in the fins maybe ) a fabulous fish none the less.
  6. KAYC


    thanks Elton, just booked mine for the Timsbury fish -in.. Tony will post details lalter.
  7. Great idea, Marsh farm looks good, A warm fish -in .... count me in
  8. Whats the world coming to, Wingham skimmers making the weekly`s, seriously cracking fish well done Steve, might even sneak a look in Tesco`s tonight.
  9. I have witnessed this first hand, many moons ago a friend of mine wanted to check how much of his loose feed had been gorged by one of the Chub he had caught as he was feeding heavily but the fish had no visible signs of any hemp or casters so he thought he would have a poke around with his finger to try and make it spew up the contents of it`s stomach, laugh I neary s**t myself
  10. Tony, how weird is that !! mind readers all of you.
  11. Hi Tony, yes the cut love the water
  12. http://s29.photobucket.com/albums/c278/rea...waspybbq021.jpg Hi guys/ Girls anyone seen anything like this before ? looks like some kind of rot / ulcer /fluke, the fish was otherwise fit and full of fight.
  13. Absolutely!! first one to the swim with all the features carrying my box with everything in ( even though I know all I am going to need is one rod and reel,) Two fields and four stiles, one bog and a water jump. Maybe I`ll stick to the marathon!!
  14. Hi Stephen and welcome, You were not wrong to increase the depth to try to anchor your bait down, you were just using the wrong bait for the particular water you were fishing, you obviously have some experience, just keep asking the questions you need answered and you will find we are a friendly site and you will get most of the info you need, ( for example ) Soak your spool of line in a diluted washing up solution, this will help it cut the surface of the water- overcast and sink the line by dipping the rod tip under the water and quickly give the handle a couple of turns keep the tip just u
  15. Fantastic!! Den thanks for taking me through your rigs and set up at Wingham but you failed to show me your boots, Rumour has it they enable you to walk on water!!
  16. Right then, this is my catch report! O.K I blanked! zilch even the "missed run" turned out to be my wife snagging the line attempting to cast a fixed waggler at 14` from a 13` rod in the face of the wind, That said this is the first time since a teenager I have " bivvied" up and fished over two nights and I loved every minute, even though I blanked, the anticipation , company and surroundings were awesome. Thanks to all involved. ( maybe next year )?
  17. Can I again thank Steve , Peggy , Glyn and all giving of their time and effort, a fabulous gesture from a noble group of people. A THOUSAND THANKS.
  18. As the others have already said,thanks for your generosity Steve,cant wait-fabulous place and great company, good food and hey1 maybe a bite or two
  19. Hi Steve, Can you please add my name to the list to fish from sat pm to monday, ( hopefully 1st overnighter since being a teenager! ) thanks Kevin Whoops !! just read the post E- Mail sent .
  20. Well you know what they say................you are only as young etc...
  21. Thanks sandpipper posted message, fingers crossed.
  22. Hi all just popped over from the course section and need some help. Popping over to sandown for a couple of days and looking at getting a few hours in on Sunday, would I be better off with worm from the beach or float from the pier?, any advice welcome.
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