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  1. Leaving for the family holls today, my Dad and I are driving(so we can take all fishing gear). My girlfriend Tacye, my daughter Willow and my mother inlaw Jan are flying out tomurrow. Its the first real family holiday we have had with grand pairents, so hopefully we will get them all catching wrass. Will post a report when I get back if Elton hasnt banned me by then!
  2. Hi Mat, large squid and lug baits are the way to go mate, if you stick it out with large baits you will hopefully deter the whiting, you may even get a late big bass.
  3. It was obviousely a wind up thats why I didnt reply myself. But the Cromer Pier fishery will now be buggered as this was a very small pocket of large fish and will very soon be over fished.
  4. Elton the statement that I have single handedly ruined your sea fishing forum is almost as bad as when Leon Roskilly blamed me for single handedly being responsable for the bad 40cm decission on the bass MLS. Like me or loath me you can not deny that my posts normally get people talking and get plenty of hits! If I have single handedly ruined your sea fishing forum Im afraid it down to your bad managment Elton. The captain can not blame his crew mate!
  5. If I have single handedly ruied your sea fishing forum then more fool you for not banning me Elton. I do not wish to be banned, the fact that I pay to use this forum should proove that (although at times I have felt like canceling the payments). Still I havnt canceled and still Im happy to pay, but if I have ruied the sea fishing forum single handedly then you should of banned me Elton, not to do so is kind of self admiting bad managment. When I first joined I got nothing but jip about my spelling and grammer so it was a bad start that kept promting me to loose my temper. So time to
  6. At least I dont take nude pics of myself in my back garden. I must admit my knee jurk reactions can sometimes offend, but Newt really takes the pi**.
  7. no mate they are farmed fish, not real bass.
  8. bass are not genrually found in commercials disgaurds.
  9. Why not try going to Cornwall, im sure benny wont mind you eating some of his fish.
  10. Over the past two years you guys have been very quick to pull me up when you have felt I have crossed the line. I have been on mod control more times than I can remember, and on reflection you have been right to do so on a number of times. But just of late you seem to be slipping up! Newt has been taking nude pictures of himself in his garden and somehow they end up on angler's new, upsetting my 4-year-old daughter. Now John E Ashford has gone on a silly little wind up and you let him get away with it. Why aint he banned or at least put on mod control. The sight of those bo
  11. sam-cox


    My 4 year old daughter will be looking at me while Im on hear, she is only just learning to read so the text Im not worried about yet. But obscene pics of some fat bloke taken in his back garden are something else. sense of humor right oh seems like a wronan to me!
  12. sam-cox


    There could be several ways to look at this, but they all hang on the above question. I think game is hung to let the adrenalin levels decline before being consumed by a human. So is the taste of fish different after they have been dead a while because the lowered adrenalin levels? As an angler I get a hell of a adrenalin hit from catching or just hooking a good fish. But does the fish also get an adrenalin rush. Do the live baits I use produce more adrenalin as they wriggle temptingly? Can any one give me any answers?
  13. sam-cox


    Of course he's not eating a Bass, McDonalds don't sell them!
  14. No Im Leon, so is my Wife.
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