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  1. Might have to do that Barry. It all shows in my profile, and everywhere else. So it is not as if there is something blocking it completely. Den
  2. test This is mad............you can see my sig, my ipad shows my sig, so why can't I see it on this forum on my PC ? Help.................anyone? Den
  3. Right Newt, I removed the bit about the springloks and ended up with what you see now, the bit about the birds and bees Saved it, but it doesn't appear! Den
  4. Updated my sig and it has disappeared...........why? Den
  5. I was once asked to take a photo for a portrait of a young (30) woman. She had been a long time veggie and her facial skin showed a lot of lines and wrinkles, I assumed as a result of her diet. Took several shots and when I came to print them out I "softened" them to remove the wrinkles. She looked pretty good I thought Took them around to her house, her hubby was there as well, showed them the pics and he said " that looks nothing like you" Oops!, Den beat a fast retreat Den
  6. Did I say I had nightmares? or feel threatened in any way? Did I say they were sexmaniacs? I don't think or feel anything much at all about them, but if one had approached any of my boys then I would have reacted quite strongly. A group of us teenagers tipped the local queers car over when he made a pass at one of the young brothers, and would probably have given him a clump or two if we had caught him. Gays don't help themselves one bit by continually flaunting themselves by these "conventions" and various other gatherings, coming out with more demands and generally making a l
  7. Steve, I actually don't give a damn, just that I get a bit annoyed when I keep being told that I am intolerate! if they didn't keep banging on about how I must accept them. As I said before, it is a filthy practise. Den
  8. Emma, I usually ignore what you have to say, you are as biased as I am. How do you arrive at the conclusion that I should be ashamed of my normal homophopic views? And as for the "old fart" dig, I just have to laugh it off, would it be OK for me to call you "queer" in return? Old fart probably describes me quite well, I am old and sometimes fart as well, most people fart on occasions so that was a waste of words on your part, I am also old so you were at least correct there, but wasted as an insult. Furthermore, I don't need to defend my attitude to life, I am normal, queers
  9. Ken, it was back in the 80's, if, like me and Chesters, you had been "approached / flashed at" by one of the dirty old man types when you were a kid, then you would most probably feel the same as I do. No amount of legislation will ever make me change my views because I have seen the dark side of homosexuality, and to be quite honest, I think it is about time they were told to shut up about their "rights". And as for the use of the word "gay" to describe themselves...."Sad" would be much more appropriate. Den
  10. Maybe not, but the owner of the supermarket should be free to. A shop can refuse to sell you anything it likes for any reason. If I were still working, I would almost certainly refuse/decline to quote for working for any gays. My choice who I work for, and making a cake is working for someone. I did once find out that there was a guy dying of aids in the house where I was working, only came to light when I cut my finger and the dying mans partner panicked that I might catch aids............he had not told me about his "friend" hidden away in a downstairs room.
  11. I've been using the BBC weather site for the last couple of years to inform me of the likely weather when I go beach fishing. Temps and wind speed have been pretty well spot on for Hythe and Dungeness (RYE) Whether it will be dry or showery has also been spot on. At home high up on the downs it can get a little tricky, often "the weather" slips past down each side of the high ground, many times we watch storms passing by to the south, probably over Wingham , or north out towards Whitstable, distances of only a few miles. Den
  12. Can't answer your Q John, but last Friday afternoon I was at Sandwich bay and watched several large V groups of Geese heading out to sea, going south for the winter? Also a couple of groups of Swallows went the same direction. Did anyone see that shooting star/meteor this evening about 10 past 8? Left a long bright trail as it burnt out. Den
  13. Never heard of the Onion, but then I live in my own little world most of the time Den
  14. Bet he would smell a bit after that time How the hell can they check it? Den
  15. That's a cracking shot Ayjay We have several different ones visiting the ponds in the garden, perhaps I should set up the camera, don't seem to do much photography these days. Den
  16. All a bit sick isn't it? I feel sorry for the sick mind that thought it was funny to set that up. Den
  17. I caught a Corm on a slow sinking deadbait and when I tried to get the hooks out, I was able to get my fist right down its throat...............easily. I've also, likeJV, seen them take eels of 2lb plus, I cheered one the eels on in the battle to stop being swallowed, and when it disappeared I hoped to see it pass right through Even a Grebe can swallow a 20oz pike........I've got a video. Den
  18. poledark


    Well they were quite pretty, pale green with a little lacy trim and (I think) memory not what it was you know, a tiny rose pattern. Of course I only noted these details should they be needed for evidence in the subsequent court case. Knickers are usually quite plain (I've been informed by the wife) Den
  19. poledark


    Interesting replies. 'twould seem we have all been guilty of sexual harassment at some time in our early lives! Now what should I do about the young lady(?) who upped her short skirt and adjusted her panties as I passed by in a restaurant the other night? Was she harassing me? She does know me by the way. Den PS, she had very nice legs
  20. poledark


    What sort of sentence do you suggest for "touching a womans breast" Same as a shoplifter? Mugger? reckless/dangerous driving? Be interesting to hear a few views. Den
  21. The guys doing the packing are pretty resourceful Den
  22. You are dead right about the footy "fans". Shows up their real feelings. Den
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